June 2, 2016

28 Funny and Unique Wi-Fi Names That Will Make You Jealous You Didn’t Think Of Them

In the current generation, Wi-Fi is a necessity as it has become a part of every individual’s life. Everyone like to have an internet connection which is pretty much faster. Moreover, if the internet connection is available at free of cost, it would be really awesome. Isn’t so? It’s very true! With the arrival of Wi-Fi, connecting to the network or web has become so comfortable. But, all you need to do is just search for an available Wi-Fi name which is very near to your location. If you know the password of any Wi-Fi network then, you will have the entire world at your fingertips.

We have bounteous people in this amazing world with a lot of creativity and unique thoughts. Some people’s creativity knows no bounds. And that holds right when it comes to entitling their WiFi devices as well. Just like these intellectuals right here. Check ’em out!!

1. Good Luck getting on this person’s Wi-Fi Network because it ain’t happening…!!

Funny Wifi Names

2. That’s one way to do it…

Unique Wi- Fi Names

3. WiFi networks – Expressing religious beliefs, which seems very strange…

Crazy Wi-Fi names

4. Nerds will be nerds!!

Unique Wi- Fi Names that will make you jealous

5. Someone doesn’t believe in leaving subtle clues.

22 Unique Wi-FI names

6. Well, we’ll do that, just tell us the password and who she is. ?

Funny Wi-FI Names

7. Don’t get frustrated. Just Calm Down Brother!!

22 Crazy Wi-Fi Names

8. Are you saying it evilly like in movies, ‘Now you will pay!’

Hilarious Wi-FI Names

9. Publicly arguing over worldly matters via WiFi…

22 Hilarious Wi-FI names

10. At least this WiFi network is being honest about what it’s being used for…

Funny and unique Wi-Fi names

11. That intensifed quickly.

22 Funny and Unique Wifi names

12. I can understand your feeling bro!

Wi-FI Names

13. Yayyy! I got to know where’s the party tonight!

Wi-Fi Names that make you jealous

14. Health concerns…

Crazy Wi-Fi names that makes you jealous

15. Burgers are the only thing better than WiFi…

Creative Wi-Fi Names

16. Poor third wheel.

22 Creative wifi names

17. This just doesn’t make sense.

22 Hilarious Wi-FI names

18. Only God Know!!

Crazy Wi-Fi names

19. When there was nothing, there was…


Wi-FI Names - Funny and Creative

20. That’s why, we sniff for free Wi-Fi, like them sniffer dogs!

Free Internet

21. Two-in-one Offer

Wi-FI Names

22. Looks Hot, right?

Wi Fi names

23. Good Night Buddy!

Funny Wi-FI Names

24. Here’s the culprit, ‘jus lock it duh!’

Crazy Wi-Fi names

25. No way.,.I’m Locked!

Funny Wi-FI Names

26.  Not sure how they know that.

Wi-FI Names

27. Got it??

Funny and unique Wi-Fi names

28. Dare Enough to Connect now!

Wi-FI Names

Feeling Jealous of these unique Wi-Fi names? It’s time to change that boring WiFi name of yours. Think of some crazy Wi-Fi name!! ?

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