How To Generate Auto ALT Tags For Images


Optimizing Images is also one of the major aspects to be considered. Giving an ALT Tag for every image might be tiresome, so why work so hard when you have the code? In this chapter, I am going to introduce a Script called Auto Alt Title Tag Generator for images.
There are few other scripts available on Internet but I found most of them are not working after Blogger has upgraded its features. The script which I am going to share is working perfectly with new and old blogger interface.

Steps To Add Auto Alt Title Tag Generator To Your Blog:

1. Backup your Template First.
2. Copy the below script and place in your template.

Click Here to Get the Script

3. Save the template.To check whether the script is working or not, just open your blog and hover mouse over the image.It should     show you the name of the image.

How this Script works?

  • This script will automatically take the name of the image and adds a Alt and Title Tag for all the images in your blog.
  • Read More about what are alt and title tags – here
  • This script not only adds Alt and Title tags but also gives a ‘+’ if there is space in the name of uploaded image.

For example if your upload a image with name Alt Title Tag Generator then it will change to Alt+Title+Tag+Generator making it SEO friendly.

Image alt

How To Use This Script?

The only thing you have to do is to name your images properly before uploading to blogger. If you don’t name images properly then you may not see proper alt title tags for images.



  1. Imran brother , Where should I paste/put this script in a blogspot template ? Please guide me .

  2. Information is not clear about auto image Alt tag generator, i’ve tried by addding the tag right before head tag and body tag but nothing comes up for images. Please define how to fix this errror…

  3. Hi Imran,

    Thanks for the nice tutorial for adding the ALT and Title text automatically in blogger. In the tutorial, this is not clear…where to add the script?

    Generally we add all the scripts codes before tag so that it can be download before the pages load.

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