November 5, 2018

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Why Did We Spend 24 Hours to Write this Guide?

We are keen on the blogging industry and what we have examined while spending time with all our fellow bloggers is that there is no proper guide to rely upon. As you know there are several tutorials already existing for the WordPress platform, but there isn’t much resource to learn about the blogger platform.

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

The way people approach the Search Engine Optimisation tips and tricks are altering every day. Why? Because of Alphabet Inc. is changing Google’s algorithms as fast as possible in the hunt to answer the user’s queries as soon as possible. While, on Youtube, algorithms are changing in a manner so that users remain on Youtube for a long time as possible. If you ask what are the top three factors of Search Engine Optimisation in Google, ATB suggests you – Content, Backlinks, and RankBrain. And, if you ask what is top Ranking Factor for Youtube, then it’s Time of Video. More the time the viewer spends on your video, the higher the rankings.

Hence I and my team came up with an idea of making one of the best guides to help every blogger who is blogging on the Blogger platform. This guide is split into 30 sub posts and I would recommend you read all of them and work on it. The guide covers almost all the topics regarding the Blogspot blog from A to Z.

Will this Article be Useful for You?

If you are a blogger with a website on the Blogspot platform then definitely this guide will be very much helpful for you. Are you a newbie blogger? Are you an expert blogger who has your website hosted on Blogspot then I assure you that the time you are about to spend will not be wasted at all.

We have split this guide into 30 different sections each of which contains a detailed article about the relevant topic. We took just 24HRs to complete this article including the landing page as well as the post designs. Unlike other articles that brag to make people stay on their blog all of the articles are written in a clear-cut way.

What is and Why Choose Blogger?

There are many blogging platforms but still, and WordPress are the best of all Blogging Platforms. In this article, we explained why you have to choose a blogger as your blogging platform and its advantages.

Chapter 1 »

What Are The Advantages Of Blogger Over WordPress?

Surprised? You might have read it or heard by word, that WordPress is the best platform, especially when compared to Blogger. But here you are going to see the unique features of Blogger which would prove very advantageous such as free hosting, high security, etc. I say it is the best platform if you are new to blogging and not from a technical background. Read the entire chapter to know why.

Chapter 2 »

Create a Free Blog on Blogger in Less than a Minute.

Creating Blogs is much easier and very straight forward now! Blogger comes with the simplest way to set up a blog and explore it. You can directly sign up for Blogger using your Gmail account and set it up. In this chapter, I have created a whole new blog for you with all the steps without any step missing, in less than a minute. Now it’s your turn to create your own blog and customize it.

Chapter 3 »

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

You can obviously create a free blog on Blogger, but to make it more professional we generally go for a custom domain name. Many wonder how to set it up in Blogger, so here I have a simple and detailed explanation of how you can add a custom domain in Blogger which is very easy if you follow the exact same steps given in this chapter.

Chapter 4 »

Setting up Custom Domain with Godaddy (Video)

In the previous chapter, you have seen the basic steps you need to follow for setting up a custom domain in Blogger. In this chapter detailed information is provided on how to set up a GoDaddy domain in Blogger. At the end of the chapter, you will be capable of mapping any GoDaddy domains with Blogger. Here we also included a video that will make your task easier. Don’t wait to read it now!

Chapter 5 »

Setting up Custom Domain with Bigrock

You have learned to map the GoDaddy domain with Blogger, but many people go for Bigrock instead. So here in this chapter, I am going to give step by step information on how you can map a Bigrock domain on to Blogger. I have even provided you with some coupon codes, using which you can get a discount too!

Chapter 6 »

Introducing Blogger Dashboard

This chapter will go through the blogger dashboard explaining all the features available on the blogger platform for a newbie blogger. Blogger comes with the simplest way to set up a blog and explore it. You can directly sign up for Blogger using your Gmail account and set it up. Read the entire chapter and you will find it very simple to implement it.

Chapter 7 »

Basic Settings Before Getting Started with Blogger

There are some basic settings that you must do before getting started with your blog. In this chapter, you will be able to know all the basic settings before you get started with your blogger blog, which is obviously very important. Without this you cannot go to the next level of blogging, so follow this carefully without missing any step.

Chapter 8 »

How to Choose a Seo Optimized Template for Blogger

Choosing the right template is one of the most important aspects when coming to blogging. If you choose the right template then you are already 50% successful in blogging. Selecting the template, for me, is one of the most difficult tasks as you have to consider various factors along with the way it looks. This chapter will guide you on how to choose the best SEO optimized blogger template.

Chapter 9 »

How to Upload/Backup Blogger Template

Most of you won’t like the default templates given, so you will add a custom template. How are you going to do that? This is a beginner level guide on how to upload and backup your template for future use. You might go wrong while doing changes in your template. This chapter will teach you how to backup template if in case you mess up your template anytime in future use.

Chapter 10 »

How to Edit Blogger Template

Editing a blogger template is a very easy task if you are a web designer or found of HTML and CSS. But this guide is focused at a beginner who has no knowledge of HTML and CSS to help them edit the blogger template like a PRO. Coding is not at all an important task to edit a Template. In this tutorial, we are providing the tips to edit your template with ease HTML.

Chapter 11 »

Advanced Search Preferences & Custom Robots Guide

This is one of the very important and difficult settings that you must do with at-most care or else your whole blog will get screwed up. Here we listed all the optimized settings that can be implemented on any blog to optimize it well for search engines. Enabling robots.txt helps Google to crawl your site and rank in search engines. You can learn this in this tutorial in detail.

Chapter 12 »

Keywords Research Guide (Video)

Keyword Research is the very first thing you have to do before publishing an article. This article will explain to you what is keyword research, why you must do and will explain to you the steps to do keyword research. The ranking is Google with the help of Keyword Stuffing is the easiest and best possible way and this criterion is good for website growth. So have a look in this Video Tutorial to know much about the Keyword Planning Strategies.

Chapter 13 »

How to write SEO Friendly Posts in Blogger

SEO starts with on-page optimization. Once you are perfect in ON-Page Optimization, then you are going to be successful in Blogging. If you can write good content, you rank well, you get automatic backlinks from different sites and much more. So, this chapter will teach you How to Write SEO Friendly posts on the blogger dashboard easily within seconds.

Chapter 14 »

Optimizing Images

Optimizing images is the other thing that most of the bloggers ignore. Images constitute 20% of the search traffic. The images must be optimized well to drive traffic via image search. Images must be eye catchy, Attractive in Content and many more aspects. You will be learning more in this article about Optimizing Images and we have also included the alt tag generating script.

Chapter 15 »

Auto Alt Title Tag Generator

Optimizing images is a hectic process. Giving alt and title tags all the time might be a complex process for you. To cut down your work we introduced an Auto Alt Title tag generator which automatically generates you Alt and Title tags for your images. This plays a key role in SEO as the image search traffic gets included in this. You can read more about ALT & TITLE TAGS here in this tutorial.

Chapter 16 »

How to Install Analytics on Blogger

Many of them are very eager and curious about their traffic. So analytics plays a key role in determining your metric. Installing analytics on blogger is a pretty much straight forward thing. But for newbie bloggers, there might be confusion how to do it the right way. Analytics is very important for any website to know their traffic data and details. In this chapter, you will get to know how to integrate analytics with bloggers and count your metrics.

Chapter 17 »

How to Submit a Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools

The first thing you must do right after you have created your blog is to submit the sitemap on Google webmasters first to get your blog indexed well in search engines. Sitemap even plays a key role in Search Engine. The main function of a sitemap is to tell Google about the list of pages on your website and your post URL’s. The sitemap allows and informs search engines about your pages that are available for crawling. So that search engines can easily crawl the website.

Chapter 18 »

How to Add Custom-Designed H3 and H4 Tags

You might have noticed that many blogs use stylish custom H3 H4 tags in their blog to make their blog look attractive. In this tutorial, we gave you some outstanding designs to implement the stylish tags right away on your blog. For a Post to look Perfect and Ease in reading for visitors., one must differentiate the Heading with Content. So, Blogger allows users to specify different Heading tags directly while editing a post.

Chapter 19 »

How to Hide Widgets on Right Side Bar in Blogger

Sometimes you need to hide the right side widgets on your blog on pages like about us, advertise, etc. By default, the blogger doesn’t provide any such feature. So here is a simple trick you can achieve this with a few lines of code. All you need is to copy the code and paste it in HTML of your blog. You can read more about widgets and hiding them in Blogger in this Chapter.

Chapter 20 »

How to Hide Widgets on Specific Posts in Blogger

Sometimes you need to hide the right side widgets on your blog on pages like about us, advertise, etc. By default, the blogger doesn’t provide any such feature. So here is a simple trick you can achieve this with a few lines of code. In the previous chapter, you have seen how to hide all the widgets on the right sidebar but in this chapter, you will learn how to hide only a specific widget on a specific post.

Chapter 21 »

How to Add a Sticky Post in Blogger

A sticky post is another great feature that you must implement on your blog. With this feature, you can stick the important posts on the homepage to give it more exposure. A sticky post is a post that you want to highlight in your blog by displaying it on the top of the blog. So here in this chapter, we are providing you the code which you need to place it in the HTML code.

Chapter 22 »

How to Optimize Ads in Blogger

Ads placement is a key factor for your Adsense. The improper placing of Advertisements results in a ban on Adsense or even spamming your Website. So placing Ads at appropriate positions is a key factor in generating Income. In this chapter, you will be learning which type of ads to choose, how to get high CPC and CTR to make most of the income from your Adsense and other ad networks.

Chapter 23 »

How to Add Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

In the previous chapter, you have learned How to place Ads in Blogger. Placing Ads at appropriate positions is a key factor in generating Income. To generate high CTR, we must place ads below post title in blogger. But by default, this option is also not available. We explained a very simple way to achieve it. By the simple code given in this chapter results in you to place ads below the post.

Chapter 24 »

What is The Best Commenting System For Blogger

The default commenting system of the blogger is not very user-friendly. For this purpose, you have to use some third party commenting system to make it user-friendly and also SEO friendly. Blog Commenting plays a key role in SEO. Most of the bloggers have very little Idea about Blog Commenting. SO in this Chapter, you are going to learn Which comment interface is best for SEO and why.

Chapter 25 »

Add Disqus Commenting System & Sync with Blogger

Selecting the right commenting system for your blog is also important. Just remember that even comments count! Disqus is one of the best commenting systems and highly recommended. In this chapter, you will learn in detail how to add Disqus commenting system on your blog and sync Disqus comments with bloggers to make it SEO friendly also. Just head on to the chapter and learn how to do it!

Chapter 26 »

Google+ Comments With Toggle Effect

Google+ commenting system is also one of the most widely used commenting systems. This method enables you to add both Google+ and default/third party commenting system on your blog with the toggle effect. So, users can comment on your blog with the commenting system they like. To make it work, you need to follow all the steps carefully so just head on to the chapter and read it.

Chapter 27 »

How to Add Facebook Like and Recommend Box

Facebook is the best social media platform today. You must be having the Facebook fan page for your blog with some likes on it and you will obviously want to increase your fans list. Adding Facebook like and recommendation widgets will give you more exposure to your blog on social media, thereby increasing the followers to your blog through the Facebook page. This will also increase your brand value. Read the chapter to learn how to embed this widget on to your blog.

Chapter 28 »

How to Add New Widgets in Blogger

Adding widgets in blogger is one of the easy things to do in Blogger. Every blogger will, of course, know how to do this. This chapter is for beginners or newbie bloggers. Here I have given a step by step description on how to add widgets on to your blog. Head on to the chapter and learn how!

Chapter 29 »

How to Load Social Sharing Buttons Conditionally

“Loading conditionally” might be new for a few people out there, but this is one of the advanced strategies to be implemented on your blog. In this chapter, we have described about conditional loading, why you should use conditional loading, etc. This is the most important thing you must-do if you are using a mobile-optimized responsive design. Head on to the chapter!

Chapter 30 »

Important Pages Like Contact, Privacy Policy, etc

After creating a blog, the next thing to do is to add some basic pages like Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Advertise and a few others. Some people create these pages but they cannot redirect to the home-page. These pages are very important in Blogger in many aspects. Here in this chapter, we have explained the important pages that you must have on your blogger website which can help you in the long run.

Chapter 31 »

Getting Started With Alexa

Alexa is one of the most important metrics to measure the growth of your blog. Alexa is one of the key factors along with Google page rank. So here in this chapter, you will be knowing the things you must understand before you get started with Alexa ranking. Alexa rank not only shows your blog credibility and reliability but also improves the chances of getting sponsored posts and direct banner advertisements for your blog.

Chapter 32 »

Custom 404 Page

404 page comes up when there are broken pages on your blog. With a custom 404 page, you can redirect the visitors to other useful pages thereby saving the page rank and also stick the visitors to stay more on your blog. A 404 page is a must thing to fix on the blogger blog as the default 404 page is not SEO friendly at all. Latest SEO is that by using 404 pages you can increase your affiliate or own product sales.

Chapter 33 »

Add Hreview Markup

You might have seen stars in Google Search sometimes. Generally, this is easily implemented on WordPress blogs. But most of the people are unaware that the same feature can also be implemented on blogger blogs as well using this simple hack. This is called the Hreview markup and using this hreview markup you can show stars in Google Search results. Continue reading the chapter on how to add hreview markup in Google Search results.

Chapter 34 »

How to Nofollow All External Links in Blogger

Page rank is one of the most important factors when we talk about Google ranking. Page Rank not only helps you to rank well in Google search results but also it increases the reliability and credibility of your blog. If you want to improve the page rank then the simple way is to save the page rank. Saving page rank is indirectly increasing your page rank. Here we gave a simple script using which you can nofollow all external links in blogger blog, read on how.

Chapter 35 »

How to Create a Sitemap Page in Blogger

After submitting the sitemap page in Google Webmaster tools you have to create a sitemap page. With this sitemap page, the visitors can view all the posts of your blog in one place. This makes it not only easy for bloggers but also helps search engines to crawl and index your articles well in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, MSN, Baidu, Yandex, etc. Head on to the chapter on how to create a sitemap page for your blogger blogs right way.

Chapter 36 »

How to Sell a Blogger Blog

Many people think that blogger blogs are not possible to sell but there is a simple workaround method using which you can sell your blog. Using this method you can either sell your blog or transfer it to another person including all posts, pages, and all other necessary files. All you have to do is add another email id and then leave the blog. Read the complete article on how to do it the right way.

Chapter 37 »

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