May 6, 2021

Genius ways to make money on YouTube

Being a digital creator you look for stable and instant earning from YouTube. But like thousands out there, do you lack the basic YouTube knowledge? If yes, then here is the thing you can start from, firstly you need to find out some effective methods that turn your channel into a cash cow. For this, you have to compete and win over a great number of content creators like musicians, movie makers, media houses, and comedians. All you need to understand how the YouTube algorithm works. Once you get familiar with its mechanism, you can smartly employ different strategies for your channel. What really matters is the level of your content engagement and its retention rate that can make a regular cash flow. There are a lot of good platforms out there that are enlightening aspiring creators. In which TubeKarma is one of the finest examples that is imparting good services for creators.

In this article, we are going to share with you some unique tips to bring more subscribers and benefits to your channel. These strategies are simple but they would play their part as next-level tools. They can potentially work as a first-line marketing plan even if you are experiencing low production issues or budget problems. So let’s check out 8 cool and genius ways to achieve key milestones in this journey of money-making!

1. YouTube partner program:

YouTube partner program is for sure the first step that enables your channel to get money by uploading content on it. After creating a channel, you have to make some videos so that you can join the YouTube Partner Program. Once the monetization is enabled on your channel you’ll start receiving your share of the revenue from advertising on YouTube. YPP has the following requirements for monetization:

  1. A YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers.
  2. Channel’s videos must have covered 4,000 hours of viewing time within the last 12 months
  3. You must have followed all of YouTube’s policies and guidelines
  4. You have created an AdSense account

2. Sponsorships:

If you intend to run a YouTube channel successfully, sponsors can be very supportive even game-changers in this mission. But how can you approach them? Is it better to email them or try to get their contact number? And what will be the thing that can tell you about a potential sponsoring brand or company? The good news is that there are some websites and platforms that can prove highly beneficial to get in contact with sponsors. New and small YouTube channels can take the benefits from these useful sites! Here are some of the following websites:

  • FameBit
  • GrapeVine
  • Content BLVD

3. Utilize paid membership

You can make a special local area or even a portal for your devoted and loyal audience with some extra advantages. It will attract a good number of new subscribers as well and you can get plenty of benefits out of it. Intrigued individuals can pay a membership expense. They can produce repeating month-to-month revenue for you.

For instance, Rob Scallon, a guitarist on YouTube, has four-level Patreon membership which allows his audience to pay for various opportunities like having early access to new videos, comments, an option to download videos, and even the option to have names shown in video credits!

4. Affiliate marketing:

You can place affiliate links to your videos in the description box to promote your channel, this is called affiliate marketing. You can bring a lot of benefits to your channel by connecting with different brands, and reviewing their products.

Your audience would buy the products that you are linking to the videos. Big companies including Amazon and eBay make good offers that can be very helpful if you promote their products. You can pursue affiliate programs to raise your income by receiving a good commission.

5. Test your product

YouTube is a superb source for market research. You can find whether you have an excellent product to test. An inventive thought is probably going to be able to generate profit. For instance, if you have a thought for a product, yet need funds to create a few videos for this. Comments & remarks on your videos will reveal and guide you whether your thought is suitable in its current structure. The YouTube audience can even assist you with making it practical.

6. Draw YouTube traffic to your website

If you own a website or blog, then you need the traffic to be paid. Here you can utilize YouTube to gain traffic efficiently. Begin with the Creator Playbook. To divert your traffic from one place to another is not an easy task but this could turn out to be one of the best chances you have taken. Prepare yourself to consider repurposing some more seasoned content into video, just as making new videos. Ensure that you connect to your website in the primary line of your video description. You can pipe your YouTube traffic to where you need it to go.

7. Make your own TV Series

YouTube allows you to create your own TV show. You are restricted merely by your imagination and your budget. You can create a comedy series, a web series, or your syndicated program. In case you are a disappointing TV & screen artist, get a couple of companions together, and record your TV show again. You never know which option is really going to help you, so keep trying. If you get a load of perspective, you may build up another vocation to come up with some cool ideas for your TV show.

8. Crowdfunding for content

This is true that you can monetize the YouTube channel whether your channel has very few subscribers in the first place, but this is not the whole story. The new monetization criteria of YouTube are pretty challenging for new creators. Crowdfunding is another decent option that can pop up and enhance your chances to get funds in the struggling phase. By adopting this method, you can have contributing hands that will support you in making good content. Buying equipment or hiring on-screen actors is an essential part of good content creation. This can be easily done by the crowdfunding method.

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