February 15, 2018

Google Looking to Raid Into The Video Games Market With A New Streaming Platform

Google, which is popularly known as a search engine, is all set to make its next step into Video Gaming Field. According to a report from The Information, Google is planning to develop a subscription-based game streaming service that would allow it to stream software to either a compatible Chromecast device or yet-to-be-released home console.


This new service is codenamed “Yeti” which would enable the users to play games streamed to them online, which is actually running on Google’s remote cloud servers. This new service potentially eliminates the need for a console like PlayStation 4, XBox or any other high-end gaming computer. This means that instead of downloading the game software to a hard drive, you can stream the game from a Google server.

The internet acts as a medium for communication between the user’s device and the video game while the control codes from the game controller are sent in the other direction. With this new service, users will not have to purchase disks or download any game software. This service is compatible with an internet-connected device such as  TVs, phones, tablets etc., Earlier Google has released Chromecast low-cost media player which is more affordable than any high-end systems. It is not clarified whether Google would only focus on streaming Android games to the user’s TV  as it is easy with the existing casting and mirroring technology. So, instead of Android dedicated service, “Yeti” could be grabbing the attention of the gaming audience who are looking for a low-cost, low-effort streaming solution for playing video games on TV.


Reportedly, Google’s Yeti Streaming service was in development for 2 years. Also, Google is testing the service by itself in the gaming world with the Android-based Google Play Games service as well as YouTube Gaming. Google would be taking a huge step after establishing itself in the Gaming market competing with the tech giants like Nintendo or Sony.

Google’s Yeti is expected to hit the market in the 2019 holidays though the company is currently behind the schedule and so the date might also shift.





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