December 6, 2019

Hot Hairstyles Men Love

While you will come across so many varied reasons for a guy to find a woman attractive, there is something magical about the effect hairstyles have on men. Your hair dramatically influences your wit, personality, and charm. A lady’s mane plays a crucial role in her confidence, and this is what drives men crazy. The way you express yourself through your locks. In a way, your hair is a definition of your beliefs and attitude. Here are some downright cute and sexy hairstyles that men love:

Messy Buns

Messy buns are easy-going, straightforward, and a laid back hairstyle that is so simple to achieve. All you need is a humble hair tie and maybe some pins. The best part about the messy bun hairstyle is that it looks effortless and is equally effortless to pull off. A messy bun as a hairstyle suits all types of hair that is, straight, wavy, or curly. Men love this look for its sexiness in simplicity. Tying your hair in a low or a high bun with few tendrils loose is what puts a spell on the boys. This textured look is easy to maintain, comfortable, and flirty.

Short Hair

As much as long hair appeal to men, there is nothing like having short bobs and pixies that look that gets the men weak in their knees. A bold hairstyle, short pixie cuts, and bobs are badass. With short hair, you don’t only save hair drying time but can experiment with accessories. For men, women with short hair are an image of confidence, strength, and yet playfull. You could dazzle them with the cute innocence of your short hair or go bold and rebellious. Either way, the guy is going to drool. Click here for more inspiration.

Curls and Waves

Loose curls and waves give a natural look rather than pin-straight hair. Carrying flowy beach waves gives a textured look. Similarly, loose curls falling easy over your shoulders is an instant head-turner. Men find these voluminous and textured hairstyles wholesome to the sexuality of a woman. With curls and waves, you can never go wrong. You can do so much with them. Tie it up in a half bun, ponytails, sweep them to a side, anything!

High ponytails

The high ponytail hairstyle is a straight forward and easy hairstyle to pull -off for women with all types and lengths of hair. For men, high ponytails mean all-business and which is hot on many levels. High ponytails with bangs is a major weakness for them. This look is chic, elegant, and can be worn with any look you fancy.

Bed Head

Bedhead as a look is pure art. This basic hairstyle is something men can’t resist. It is the ultimate seduction. The simplicity and effortless vibe of this look pull men’s attention. Bedhead doesn’t have to be a messy hive that you wake up to in the morning. It’s wearing your hair with minimum styling. It’s as easy as wash-and-go. Bedheads are an intimate hairstyle that men can’t resist running their hands over.

Men go gaga over a woman by just a simple flick of the hair. Wear your hair like you are the boss of it is a confidence boost that reflects in your personality. And that is the wholesome package of what men indeed find sexy. Try out new things with hairstyles, looks, and also with your hair because you can barely ever go wrong with it.


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Imran Uddin

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