June 6, 2019

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

One of the best things about the internet is that is has opened new and exciting doors for marketing and advertising. Gone are the days when companies and organizations had to hand out flyers and put up massive billboards or TV and radio adverts. Of course, these strategies are still tactful and useful methods of advertising and marketing. However, they aren’t necessarily the most effective ones anymore. This is especially true when it comes to the younger generation of product and service consumers.

As research has shown, more and more market consumers are getting their information online as opposed to any other kind of medium. This upturn has resulted in an increase in what is known as online marketing. This channel of promotion of products and services employs the internet to spread the word about an organization’s products and services, this in turn has resulted in more and more brands also offering online purchases of their products. One such online marketing strategy that has taken flight is known as affiliate marketing. This marketing strategy has proven to be exceptionally effective when it comes to online casinos.

What exactly are casino affiliate programs?

The onset of the internet back in the 90s resulted in an onslaught of online platform and services being founded. One such service that boomed on the newly launched platform was online casino gambling. Gone were the days where casino enthusiast had to dress up and go to their local casino building. Instead casino players could now enjoy their favorite slots and table games from the comfort of their own homes. The comfort of convenience and easy access is what has led to the sprout in online services and in turn online promotion and marketing. Everything is done on the internet as such to find the right audience, the internet is where organizations and online platforms have to go. And in comes affiliate programs. These are essentially a great way of splitting the load of having to acquire new customers. In affiliate marketing the “affiliate” also known as a “referral” essentially refers their already established audience from their platform to the casino platform they are working with.


What are the benefits of casino affiliate programs?

The main benefit of teaming up with an affiliate is the fact that a casino gets to tap into an already established market. Often, affiliates run websites that are a direct parallel to the online casino. They serve as an informative voice to potential customers who are interested in casino gambling. This information can range from a number of multiple topics; however, they are all related to the real money online casino and online gambling genres. Topics about gambling content such as slot & table game reviews, how to guides about where to play or the best casino bonuses available are covered by affiliate sites. These same sites will often use links and ad banners to directly refer their audience to an affiliate casino partner. These links act as a referral through providing informative information. Affiliates help casinos to attract new customers who are already interested in their products. There is nothing as frustrating as marketing products and services to the wrong people. Considering that online gambling is a rather niche activity with a specific audience, being able to use affiliate sites ensures that a casino is attracting customers who have already shown immense interest in online gambling by interacting with their affiliate’s information.

When it comes to the benefits received by the affiliate, they are able to monetary compensation for their role in “referring” new customers to the casino operator.


What are the types of Affiliate Programs

At the moment there are three main types of affiliate marketing programs:

The first is the Uni-level program: this program requires affiliates to only receive payments for those casino members they have referred personally. It basically works like a commission on direct sales. This means the affiliate only earns for each “individual customer”. This works similar to most affiliate programs, including Amazon.

The second type is the Binary program: in this program affiliates not only get monetary compensation for bringing in the new player casino, but also earns a fee on any losses made by the player while they gamble at the casino.

The third type is called the Multilevel program: it works similarly to the binary affiliation however resembles a network.


Why do Affiliate Programs Work so Well?

The primary reason why affiliate programs work so well especially for the online casino sphere of the digital market is due to the fact that gambling is a very niche extra-curricular activity. People aren’t easily lured towards signing up at an online casino unless of course they already have an interest in online gambling. As such, using affiliate sites means that a casino operator is able to attract potential casino members form a group of individuals who have already shown interest and desire to engage in online casino gambling. This means an online casino brand needn’t lure, entice or try to attract or convert someone to join their brand, but instead simply offers the affiliate’s market a place to enjoy their already established interests. So, when the affiliate site “refers” to a casino operator through a link or advert banner, the affiliate’s audience will already be out looking for this information. Casinos save a ton of financial resources and efforts by recruiting new customers who are already established to be part of the gambling market or at least quite interested to discover and explore it.


How do Affiliate Programs Invites Players to the Casino?

The truth of the matter is, there is no standard way for this to be done as it depends on a number of factors including the popularity of the webmaster’s (affiliate’s) resources, and how they engage with their audience and many others. As such, the process can take on an entirely creative initiative of its own. Although each affiliate can choose to implement this in their own way, there are some standard steps available:

  • Firstly, affiliates need to analyze how the characteristics of their audience and which posts this audience reacts to and which ones it doesn’t.
  • It’s also advised to analyze the motives and intentions of the audience, ask the question, what do they want? What kind of games are they looking for?
  • Decide the best way to link them to the resources they need (the affiliate casinos), this is when affiliates can be as creative as they please.
  • Affiliate sites can link to various things such as promo codes; welcome bonus programs, limited offers etc.

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