January 2, 2019

Amazon Affiliate Programme Commission Rates & How To Use Perfectly

Amazon Affiliate Programme Commission Rates & How To Use Perfectly – Let’s begin this with the strongest possible statement that is – One can become a millionaire within years if has perfected the art of being Associate (irrespective of the fact whether he/ she is Amazon Associate or Flipkart Associate or any other). Also, irrespective of the fact whether he/ she is a Blogger or Vlogger. A good stream of revenue can easily be generated from the Video-based content or written content created in right and compelling manner.

Amazon Affiliate Programme Commission Rates & How To Use PerfectlyAmazon Affiliate Programme Commission Rates

But let’s first talk about the Amazon Commission Rates which in an official language is also known as – Referral Fees or Advertising Fees. This varies from product to product categories. Like it is totally different for least advertising Fees of 0.2% only for Gold and Silver Coins and 10% (maximum or highest for any Amazon affiliate category) for Kindle Devices & eBooks, Home and Kitchen, Others etc. Note: advertising fee given below may change in future when you’re reading this. Thus, for official data visit this page only – https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/help/operating/schedule.

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Fixed advertising rate is 10% for all other products, 2.5% for tyres, bicycles and heavy gym equipment; 8% for Pantry; 5% for Major Appliances, 2% for Data Storage devices, 8% each for grocery and gourmet; musical instruments; office and stationery; 9% each for Sports, Fitness and Outdoors; Luggage and Bags; 10% for Fire TV Stick, 8% for personal care appliances. 9% and 10% respectively for Kitchen Appliances and Home and Kitchen. 0.2% for Gold and Silver Coins. 8% for Jewellery (excluding Gold and Silver Coins).

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9% each for Watches and Toys and Baby products, 8% and 5% respectively for cars, motorbikes and industrial products AND music, movies, video games and software. 8% each for Books and Heath & Personal Care, 9% for Apparel and Shoes, 2% each for Bill Payments and Recharges and Gift Cards, 4% each for Televisions and Mobile Accessories. 2.5% each for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X AND Mobile Phones, 4% for consumer electronics and accessories (excluding data storage devices) and whopping 10% again for Kindle devices and eBooks.

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Now let’s switch over to How To Use Amazon Affiliate Programme perfectly. There are hundreds of tips and tricks available for successful Amazon affiliate campaigns and here we will talk about a few of them only which are most important at present. Most interesting part of the Affiliate is that if you send a visitor through your link then it is not mandatory that he/ she should buy that product only. Even if any other product is purchased, you’ll have your commission in Amazon Affiliate Account.

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For example, if you have owns a website www.example.com which is related to Best Books or Top Books online. You want other people to read the reviews you’ve written on your blog first and then purchase the Books they prefer the most according to their requirement. Then, after going through the account creation procedure in Amazon Affiliate, you can get the Links of the products you would like to list.

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And undoubtedly, to keep this program spam-free, there are tens of hundreds of terms and conditions for using Amazon Affiliate Programme. Those who don’t align themselves in provided rules, their earned fees can be withheld and the account can also be permanently banned. For example, you cannot use your generated Amazon Affiliate link on your Facebook or Twitter or any other Social media platform.

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Rather, there are two major ways to promote your Amazon affiliate links online on Amazon. Either you should have a verified Facebook Page or Instagram or Twitter Handle to share amazon affiliate link directly. Or make sure promote your Blog Page (including your Amazon affiliate links) instead of sharing Links directly on unverified and authorised social media accounts.

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Also, as a part of another aspect, Amazon never allows anyone to write the exact price of the product on their blogs. Reason? Because prices of the products on Amazon keeps changing. Going down on one day and upon another. Thus, when placing the links, make sure to use anchors like “Check Price” or “Buy On Amazon” etc. but never writes the price there.

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Being a Vlogger you must be knowing that. But if don’t you’ll be amazed to learn that still Amazon has not fully clarified with the statements like “YES YOU CAN USE THE AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKS IN YOUTUBE VIDEO’s DESCRIPTION TO EARN COMMISSION ON THE PRODUCTS YOU SOLD.”

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This is the case even when tens of hundreds of bloggers are already using Amazon Affiliate links in their video’s description.

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Further after selecting the top books you will place a link on your website. A visitor will first read the review on your blog and their click on the Product Links (this is your own Amazon affiliate link which is generated uniquely for each and every Amazon Associate Account). Now suppose, after visiting the portal, the person changes his/ her mind and doesn’t buy a Book. But, remembering that eggs in his/ her fridge are ended, he/ she orders for the same. Then keeping the product category in mind, you will get your commission in accordance with fixed advertising Fees.

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