January 21, 2022

How Smarter Contact is revolutionizing SMS Marketing

Smarter Contact has evolved the way businesses connect with customers and prospects through its innovative and easy-to-use SMS marketing platform. However, behind it is a backstory, a long history of determination as an immigrant to the US to a company that employs 30+ people around the world.

The road was bumpy for Adam, starting his career at 15 years old skipping school to make money working at McDonald’s. Late he then transitioned into real estate and climbed up the ladder to, later on, become a real estate investor. Nasir says going through all the rough patches was necessary to create the person he is today and the resilience he gained over the years significantly helped him in building Smarter Contact.

The Smarter Contact story dates back to 2019 when Adam Nasir, the founder of Smarter Contact became a real estate investor. Nasir had just gotten into the industry and felt the sector missed something—SMS marketing software to easily connect with buyers and spur investments.

So, Adam analyzed the industry and after discovering there was nothing like that on the market, he sought to hire a Chinese developer to work on the software solution he wanted. At the moment, the goal wasn’t to make a business out of the platform but simply use it for his needs in real estate.

To his surprise, the software solution helped boost his results in real estate 10X more than he had anticipated and that was the light bulb moment for Nassir. It occurred to him that he could actually help other people in the industry with his new solution. That’s how the idea of Smarter Contact was born.

With hands-on experience in real estate, right from the start, Nasir knew the problems that an SMS Marketing software should address and how. Immediately, he consolidated a team of Ukrainian developers to build the first Smarter Contact SMS marketing platform. And as the brains behind the product, he had to move to Ukraine, where he stayed with the team and worked closely with them to build a gamechanger SMS SaaS solution.

As he had predicted, the lack of SMS marketing software was a real problem and as a result, Smarter Contact took off right from its first launch. “Our first platform was a major success and created so much revenue for people that we knew we had a winning product,” says Nassir.

About Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact prides the development of its SMS platform on keen attention to detail and an intuitive user experience. Nassir believes in an innovative solution with the highest delivery and conversion rates, “I want to see our users getting results” Nasir says. Furthermore, Smarter Contact features a functional and simple to use CRM. “Our goal is to help businesses that have customers and want more engagement, more feedback, and higher conversion rates,” says Nassir.

Although Smarter Contact started with a sole focus on real estate, today it serves multiple industries, including general sales, event promotion, lending, staffing, fitness, and the automotive industry among many others. Last year, in December, Nassir repositioned Smarter Contact as an SMS marketing platform that accommodates all other industries rather than just a niche software.

“We wanted to help other industries with the best tool we created. We see an opportunity to develop and also help other businesses to grow and achieve the results they deserve through text,” Nasir says.

Presently, Smarter Contact employs more than 30 individuals all over the globe and plans to scale in the near future. The company helps real estate investors improve their performance, with some noting 3 to 4 times more deals per sales cycle.

How does Smarter Contact help its customers?

The Smarter Contact platform serves as a one-stop SMS marketing tool for businesses that want to send bulk marketing messages to prospects or customers and manage the campaigns from one easy-to-navigate interface.

Smarter Contact users get to leverage the easy-to-use platform and reach out to clients in a few clicks. Right from the development process, Smarter Contact was made with the user in mind, to be easy-to-use, efficient, and deliver results at the same time without sacrificing aesthetics. The platform is a sight to sore eyes and interesting to use.

How does Smarter Contact do things differently?

The biggest selling point for Smarter Contact is its impressive hit rate. It’s been tried and tested to be the highest in the industry, helping clients connect with more leads in less time than the competition can. Users get more contacts per list and add more clients to the CRM pipeline in record less time.

But that’s not all that makes Smarter Contact a revolutionary solution for the real estate industry. The service parses data from multiple sources including credit bureaus and provides one of the most near-precise phone number verification features in the industry. This helps them match clients to real leads who are most likely to be interested in their offers.

Today, compliance remains one of the biggest and scariest landmines in SMS marketing. Smarter Contact has an ace in its pocket as it is one of the few SMS software that is TCPA compliant. Thus, users can focus on getting their message across without having to worry about keeping up with compliance requirements.

Most importantly, speed matters when converting leads to sales. With Smarter Contact as an SMS marketing partner, users have a faster way to reach prospects and customers with a better shot at success. And even better, this comes without breaking the bank or having to overcome a steep learning curve. All they simply need to do is upload their contact list, send the SMS, and wait to hear from interested parties.

What Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Smartercontact?

Smarter Contact’s approach to problem-solving isn’t just about doing better than what other platforms are already doing. As Adam puts it, the company is willing to go above and beyond to give customers a solution that’s specifically tailored to the woes of the SMS marketing industry. With an industry-specific solution at hand, it’s possible for users to be making between 10X and 50X ROI by leveraging customized call-to-action SMS.

Adam notes that building a successful company like Smarter Contact requires relentlessness and absolute professionalism. Besides building excellent products, like-minded entrepreneurs can also learn about the power of skilled, cohesive teams. Nassir surrounds himself with an A-team of talented, enthusiastic, and optimistic individuals to help him set bigger goals to achieve.

What are the future plans of the company?

Despite having a successful SaaS product in the market, Nassir has well-planned goals and vision for Smarter Contact in the near future. The company is looking forward to more expansion into multi-solutions. For instance, the company’s team is now working on an omnichannel messaging platform that will be the leader of SMS marketing and serve all countries. The new platform comes with a built-in CRM and top integrations support. That means users can capture leads, track their contact, and integrate with top software in the industry — everything from a single interface.

Other features expected on the Smarter Contact platform include multi-number support, 2-way messaging, cash buyer blasts, autoresponders, and numerous sales templates among other cool features. Smarter Contact is already working on ways to make the platform available for users in Europe and other countries. Speaking on the company’s vision, Adam Nasir says, “our goal is to build the biggest product, offer the best service, and deliver the highest delivery rates in SMS marketing”. It’s just a matter of time before Smarter Contact transitions into a worldwide brand.

The Takeaway

Adam Nasir, the founder of Smarter Contact was one of the first people to realize the potential of SMS in marketing earlier on. With the emergence of email and social media applications, most people were convinced that the era of SMS was over. However, today, SMS marketing has the highest click-through rate (CTR) of 6.16% compared to email’s 2.80%, and social media advertising’s 0.05%. This teaches us that as soon you come up with an idea, don’t waste time, start implementing as soon as possible.

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