June 26, 2022

How To Bypass Google Account – The Easy Way Out

For security purposes, we set up screen locks using PINs or patterns on our Android devices. This security lock prevents unwanted people from viewing or using your devices when you are not around or your device is unattended. Google has introduced many features like Account Verification and Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for the protection of devices and to combat fraudulent activities.

FRP is enabled when you add a google account to your device automatically. It prevents anyone who tries to reset your phone from getting through it. It is designed as an anti-theft measure and effectively disables your phone.

Almost everyone has access to your phone if there is no lock on your phone. To maintain security, you should have a screen lock enabled on your device. Secure your device by choosing a password that would be hard for someone to guess or set a complicated pattern because patterns are even harder to guess.

The problem arises when someone tries multiple attempts to unlock your device, and your phone gets disabled. To restore your device, you need to verify that you are the owner or original user of this device, not any unauthorized person. Google asks for some security questions to confirm, or you need to enter the recovery email you provided before.

How Does Your Screen Gets Locked?

On multiple wrong attempts to unlock the screen, your device becomes disabled by Google. Then Google asks to verify if the person entering the incorrect PIN or Passcode is the owner itself or not? It asks for your Google Credentials.

What If You Have Forgotten Google Credentials

Almost all Android devices have a factory reset protection feature that asks you to verify your google account. Even if you reset it from any app or recover and bypass it through an app, it is very hard.

But there is a software by WonderShare known as Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock (Android)- Bypass Google Account Android that requires no PIN codes for Android lock screen removal.

There is no official way to bypass the Google Account verification as it is an essential security feature in android devices. You can unlock the screen with some online software.

The most widely used software for this purpose is Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock (Android).

What is Dr. Fone Software?

Dr. Fone is a professional phone repairing software compatible with all the versions of Android and iOS. It runs efficiently on all devices. It is reliable software with advanced technology, guarantees no data loss, and provides solutions to almost all your problems.

Dr. Fone is available in Desktop App for Windows and Mac both.

It helps resolve the boot loop stuck, fix the System repair, and a lot more functions. It has been widely used for other events like easily recovering deleted messages, photos, contacts, etc. It supports the recovery of WhatsApp messages deleted by senders.

The procedure is simplified and easy for users.

Like the other stated feature, Drone also has a Screen Unlock feature that helps bypass the Google Account.

Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock (Android)- Bypass Google Account

It is a beneficial application that allows the user to bypass google account to restore the disabled phone. This helps even if you don’t know the OS version of your phone.

For every company they have a separate way to restore the lock screen without data loss at all. It does not require any technical skills and is user-friendly.

Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock (Android) works for almost all Mobile phone devices and tablets. It has introduced many Samsung Google Account Verification removal tools. This is a simpler and faster method to remove Google account verification in a few minutes.

After the complete bypass, you can use another account without any restrictions after the bypass. Dr. Fone can remove four screen lock types; Pattern, Password, PIN, and fingerprints. You can unlock the phone without data loss. It works well for all mainstream brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, etc.

For screen unlock, the software provides a lot of options such as;

  • Remove sim, unlock screen time passcode, and bypass activate the lock.

For Samsung Devices

  • Go to the options and select Screen Unlock (Android) from the given options on your PC.
  • Select Remove Google FRP lock, which completely removes your device’s FRP (Google Account).
  • Make sure to maintain a stable Internet connection.
  • Then choose your OS version from the options. If you do not know the correct OS version, select the “Not sure” option.
  • Please follow the on-screen instructions to put your device in recovery mode.
  • Once you are done, select next, properly choose the version, and start.
  • Connect your Android device to a PC and force restart your device.
  • After connecting the device, complete the steps to set up the device. This will take several minutes to complete the process.
  • Check the Notification on your Locked Android device and redirect it to the Dr. Fone tool kit website.
  • Click next when you have downloaded the proper application. Select OS version, open settings, select a PIN, select “do not require,” then continue.
  • Go back until you get to the WiFi screen and enter your PIN.
  • This is how you unlock the FRP App from Dr. Fone.


Dr. Fone is a complete phone data recovery solution that allows system repair for all iOS or Android devices. Recover the contacts, messages, and photos.

Restore your device function, WhatsApp transfer, repair, and switch. It fixes many common issues and works for all Android devices. This software comes complete with many features designed to keep your data secured and fix your problems with a range of different conditions all at once. Bypassing the Google Verification or Google account FRP is possible on all devices with the help of Dr. Fone.

Dr. Fone ensures the world’s No.1 System Repair app with speed and highest success rate, latest technologies, secure data transfer, and the fastest recovery within a few steps, Saving you from any data loss. Your privacy is thoroughly protected through data encryption and advanced fraud protection. It has millions of trusted users across the world. It is a complete mobile solution with all the tools you need to keep your mobile at a 100% performance level.

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