February 6, 2023

How to Get Started with Crypto Game: Top Awesome Tips

Want to earn over $1500 just by sitting at home and playing games online? You have got $1500 to know about crypto and Ethereum games. If you have always been a gamer, we are here to help. Crypto gaming can be confusing at first. But with our top tips, you can earn money with online gaming!

Top Tips To Get Started with Ethereum Games

Before you jump into the world of Ethereum gaming, follow the following tips to make your play and earn gaming experience simpler.

Create a Crypto Wallet

You’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in play-to-win Ethereum games. You’ll be able to access the game and buy Ethereum with this.

Exercise caution at all times; under no circumstances should you divulge your seed phrase or password to anyone. Consider using a hard wallet to store your coins and Ethereum if you’re concerned about their safety.

Your cryptocurrency holdings are safe in an unhackable offline wallet. While this is a step in the right direction for online security, you will still require a different online wallet to gain access to the vast majority of games.

Some of the top crypto wallets for crypto gaming are MetaMask, Ronning Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, WAX Cloud Wallet, etc.

How to Buy Ethereum

Once you have your wallet set up, it’s time to buy some Ethereum to get started with your gaming. Fund your crypto exchange account before buying Ethereum. Most people deposit funds into a bank account like their checking or savings. Wire transfers, debit cards, and PayPal deposits are also possible.

The crypto exchange’s fees vary by funding type.

Market hours restrict stock and ETF purchases. For instance, Nasdaq is unavailable on weekends and holidays and operates from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET.

Decentralized currencies like Ethereum can be bought and sold 24/7.

Enter Ethereum’s ticker symbol—ETH—and the quantity you want to buy in your exchange’s “buy” section. You can buy a fraction if you don’t have enough money for a full Ethereum token.

If Ethereum costs $2,000, $100 will buy 5% of an Ether token. Like buying a fractional stock share.

Invest with a Guild

Play-for-money video games have the potential to rack up large bills. Guilds are formed as a means for players to organize together for market stability and let players who can’t invest in large amounts play.

Guilds are user organizations that pool resources and rent them out to other players. This is done through private practices or blockchain-based smart contracts that handle renters for financial gain.

Renting an item is more affordable in the short term. Still, it can lead to a decrease in earnings and a loss of ownership, just like real estate. Those who can’t afford Ethereum right now are encouraged to “scholar up,” or start as renters, and work their way up to ethereum ownership.

When they have amassed enough riches to do so, they can either found their own guild or contribute to an existing one’s treasury. Typically, a guild will keep all of its assets in one place (a “treasury”) and rent them out via blockchain-based smart contracts.

Guild leaders avoid any human intervention in the distribution of in-game prizes and rental fees whenever possible.

The most successful blockchain gaming guild, Yield Guild Games (YGG), has amassed millions of dollars in capital and two regional corporations, demonstrating the industry’s rapid expansion. Axie Infinity is their main focus, and they rent their Axies to Philippine players for 30% of the rental fee.

After seeing how YGG’s sole investment line fared, many guilds are diversifying into other games. YGG is attempting to shift its focus away from Axie Infinity and towards new games.

Before joining a guild, you should check its reputation and requirements independently. On the other hand, guilds are typically active online communities that frequently gather on dedicated communication platforms like Discord. Their assistance can come from material goods, an excellent social circle, and a solid education.

Best Ethereum Games for Beginners

Besides blockchain casinos, here are three beginner-friendly Ethereum games you can get started with.


The Ethereum-based game Axie Infinity includes two modes: PvE and PvP. (PvP). PvE mode pits players against the game’s backdrop or monsters. In metaverse-like PvP modes, participants attack one another. Players must acquire “Axies,” small spherical animals that fight swarms of tiny spherical monsters.

The play-to-learn game is available on desktop and mobile platforms and uses nonfungible tokens to represent monsters and equipment (NFT). Smooth Love Potions—a cryptocurrency—go to skirmish winners (SLPs). Players acquire the most valuable and durable Axies based on Ether prices (ETH). Players can sell their Axies or SLP tokens after winning bouts.

War Wagon

Attack Scrap Guilds is a blockchain game by Wagon, which builds unique worlds. It’s a sci-fi RPG that uses the Attack Waggon token ($ATK), letting players earn money passively and actively. Space shooter RPG Scrap Guilds. Scrappers depend on their ship. Players will use a different blaster and shield magic as they progress through their ability skill tree. Mix and match these magic types and skills to beat various opponents.

Ship components in Scrap Guilds are leveled and sold as NFTs. Guild games include intriguing land plots that produce gaming fees for investors. In the massively multiplayer game, players wander the Void, fighting and completing tasks as they encounter dangerous PvP zones, nasty space monsters, and other things trying to kill them. Flying with friends is a great way to survive. Their NFT land parcels pay game players. They receive a portion of marketplace fees. They also receive resources and land plots.


NFT IDs are used to buy and exchange digital cards in Splinterlands. Players can acquire over 500 cards in battle in the mobile app and the website. Players can collect four NFT card rarities. Common, epic, rare, and legendary. Circulation and level limitations vary. Mix cards to level up, convert them to bitcoin, and sell them on various marketplaces. Dark Energy Crystals, the game’s currency, are earned by swapping cards.


Blockchain technology is the future of peer-to-peer gaming. Players in these games can earn Ethereum, bitcoin, and NFTs while playing, giving them greater influence over the in-game resources they’ve played so hard to obtain. As more companies in the gaming industry adopt blockchain technology, the availability of games will increase dramatically.

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