April 27, 2018

How to Import & Export Passwords from Google Chrome

Every Chrome user would be familiar with the password saving feature of the browser which makes them easier to log into their accounts. However, considering security and several other factors users might want to shift to third-party managers for managing their passwords. But, no one would want to choose the tedious process of manually typing all the usernames, passwords and URLs for migrating.


So, Google has made the process of Importing and Exporting passwords much easier on desktops with the use of flags. However, these flag settings aren’t enabled by default for security purposes. Hence, I’m going to walk you through the series of the steps of importing and exporting passwords from Chrome.

Here’s How to Import & Export Passwords from Chrome:

1. If you are using earlier versions of chrome then launch Chrome and type about://flags in the address bar and hit enter. Then search for password import and export. However, if you are using Chrome 65 then search for chrome://flags/#PasswordImport  (or)  chrome://flags/#PasswordExport in the address bar and hit enter.

2. Now, select enable from the drop-down menu.


3. Click the relaunch-now button for the changes to take place.

4. Navigate to chrome://settings/passwords and click the export button if present or click the three vertical dots next to saved passwords and then click Export passwords.


5. Now, after clicking the Export Passwords button, the passwords will be saved in a CSV( Comma Separated Value ) format file to the computer. While downloading the file you may be prompted to enter your Windows user account password for authorization.

6. The CSV file can now be imported into any password manager application of your choice.

7. Similarly, a CSV file containing usernames, passwords, login URL and website name can be imported to Chrome using the import option.

After importing and exporting the CSV files, make sure to disable the password import and password export flags, as anyone who has access to your browser can download the CSV file.



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