August 17, 2021

How to Pay Less for a Netflix Subscription

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services available and has been for years now. It doesn’t come as a surprise given how the platform offers a massive selection of movies and TV shows to choose from, and they’re even available in high definition. Netflix offers incredible accessibility because you can access your account and watch movies on different platforms, including tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops, TVs, and the like. It’s a must-have platform for people from all walks of life, but the problem is that you have to pay a subscription fee first before you can access any of the shows and movies.

For some people, this may be out of the question. After all, not everyone has extra funds to use for these services. Fortunately, there are some methods you can try that can lower the overall subscription costs.

Does Netflix Have a Student Discount?

These days, it’s common to hear different platforms tout a student discount offer to lure in those who are still studying and want to pay for discounted rates. After all, students are the ones who are usually tight on budget. Given how Netflix is such a major platform these days, you’d expect it to offer such a discount. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer student discounts just yet, and you’ll have to make do with its current payment plans available.

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Different Ways to Reduce Subscription Costs

That being said, there’s no need to lose hope just yet. While it’s truly disappointing that students have to pay full price to use Netflix’s services, there are some other ways you can try to reduce the costs as much as you can.

Share With Friends

This is a very common practice among friends and family: sharing. If you’re unable to afford the subscription fee on your own, you can gather some of your closest friends who don’t have a Netflix account yet and ask to split the costs with them. If your group chooses the Premium payment plan, you’re allowed to use four different screens simultaneously, which means you and three other people can watch movies at the same time with no issues.

Choose the Basic Version

If your friends already have their own Netflix accounts or they don’t want to split the costs, you can try and choose the Basic version instead. The Basic version ($8.99) costs significantly less than the Premium version ($17.99) because it only allows you to watch shows and movies on one screen. In other words, other people can’t access your account and watch at the same time as you. Other than that, the video quality isn’t available in either HD or Ultra HD. But given its price range, these limitations are understandable.

Make Use of the Trial Period

Lastly, Netflix offers a 30-day free trial for those who are new to the platform. So if it’s your first time creating a Netflix account, Netflix will automatically offer you this trial so you don’t have to pay anything at all for at least a month. This allows you to test the waters and see if this platform is the one for you. After the 30-day trial is up, you’ll be automatically charged for the next month, so make sure to cancel your subscription before the cut-off date if you don’t want to keep paying.

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Netflix Alternatives With Student Discounts

If you’re adamant about availing of a student discount, you’ll have to check out other streaming platforms for that. In this section, we’ll list down some of the best Netflix alternatives that offer a student discount so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without worrying about your finances.

Amazon Prime Video

If you choose Amazone Prime Video, students can get a 6-month free trial. How cool is that! You can cancel this offer at any time, but if you choose to keep using the platform past the free trial, you can get about 50% off.


If you’ve created an HBO Now account and verified that you’re genuinely a student, you can get a 35% discount. But before that, you can also avail yourself of a 30-day free trial before you start paying or if you’re still on the fence.


These days, platforms such as Netflix are the easiest ways to watch your favorite content anytime and anywhere. While it’s a bummer that Netflix doesn’t offer student discounts, you can try out the different methods mentioned above to cut back on subscription costs. If those methods are out of the question, you can also check out the other services similar to Netflix, as they offer incredible student discounts.

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