January 1, 2019

How To Run/Use WhatsApp On Computer/Laptop Without Bluestack/QrCode

How To Run/Use WhatsApp On Computer/Laptop Without Bluestack/QrCode – World knows that very rare population of the world uses WhatsApp on their computers or Laptop. In fact, mainly those who have computer related professional works and needs to send too much data use WhatsApp on Laptop or PC (personal computer). What most important thing to learn here is that – running WhatsApp on an Android smartphone has been one of the easiest things on the planet right now.How To Run/Use WhatsApp On Computer/Laptop Without Bluestack/QrCode Because official application in most of the smartphones is in-built. And, without even downloading and installing WhatsApp in Android from Google Play Store or any other App Search Engine, WhatsApp could be run.

How To Run/Use WhatsApp On Computer/Laptop Without Bluestack/QrCode

As on Personal computers and laptops, running WhatsApp was difficult until an official website of WhatsApp didn’t work. As of now, by visiting web.whatsapp.com and using the website by following below given steps, WhatsApp can easily be run in Windows operating systems, Macbooks, laptops, desktops etc. Note: below-mentioned steps are for those who want to use this messaging app in their laptops or computers without BlueStack.

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  1. Step 1: To run WhatsApp on computers, go to Google and type – “WhatsApp Web” without quotes. Or, you can also directly visit this URL – https://web.whatsapp.com/.
  2. Step 2: Read the complete details given on that page.
  3. Step 3: Open WhatsApp On Your Phone.
  4. Step 4: Tap Menu Or Settings And Select WhatsApp Web.
  5. Point your phone to this screen to capture the code.

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Note 1: This is 100% working trick officially unveiled by WhatsApp only. Still, if anyone doesn’t get through, can click on the link given on that page only with Anchor “Need Help To Get Started?”

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Note 2: If a laptop or computer in which you want to run WhatsApp is your own or personal and is not being shared with anyone. Then, make sure to check the box of “Keep me signed in” given just below the QR code on the page given on above-mentioned link.

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This is the easiest and simplest possible way to run WhatsApp on your personal computer or the laptop. And, this is how you can also run WhatsApp on your computer or laptop without even using BlueStack. But, in this advanced tech world, let’s learn about the story of BlueStack and how it helps in using mobile applications in the computer. But prior to that, make sure you know that different operating systems have WhatsApp installed in a different manner.

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Thus, in a rare case if you don’t get WhatsApp in-built or installed on your system, then you may have to follow a bit different steps to Login and LogOut of your WhatsApp account i.e. Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone and Android. While using WhatsApp on a laptop or personal computer, you can also turn on the Desktop Notifications. Just above the chat list in Blue option, you will easily be able to see the “TURN ON DESKTOP NOTIFICATIONS” option. In that, you need to click on the Allow button once a box is popped up asking you to allow the notifications of someone messaging you.

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Story Of BlueStack & QrCode While Using WhatsApp – Present Status Unveiled

Officially, BlueStacks was founded in 2011 by Rosen Sharma, Jay Vaishnav and Suman Saraf. Having official website as wwwbluestacks.com, BlueStacks is an Americal Technology Company having BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. It’s like a converging medium platform, with the help of which we can have working almost all the android and other operating system apps that we run in our smartphone.

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Until www.web.whatsapp.com was launched, maximum computer and laptop based WhatsApp users used to have WhatsApp working in their systems with the use of BlueStacks only. Last time, BlueStacks captured the headlines on 19th September 2018, when it announced a major update to its emulator app. Saying that BlueStacks or BlueStacks 4 is a much faster PC Simulator for Android Games. With this latest update, Maximized performance and the new interface are two most noticeable things all tech-savvy or games lover (willing to play android games on Laptops and personal computers) came across.

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One of the main reason, people with internet connectivity left using BlueStacks is its size. If you want to have BlueStack installed on your personal computer or laptop you need to have a physical memory of at least 2 GB on your system. Then only you can download the software and install it. Next step is to register for an account if you do not have an account with BlueStacks.

 Further, all the users willing to run WhatsApp on their PCs or Lappy using BlueStack will have to enter the keyword WhatsApp in the top right corner and hit enter to search the same. Further, they need to click on the Install button given next to WhatsApp messenger. The issue of mobile number verification is also not there when using WhatsApp on Computer without BlueStacks. But, on the other hand, since the verification process is must, going through Qr Code scanning is the must-have procedure while using WhatsApp through www.web.whatsapp.com.

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