January 23, 2024

How to Transfer WhatsApp to New Phone 2024 (Same/Different Systems)

Background: Buying a new phone is an exciting moment, but transferring WhatsApp data from the old phone to the new one seems hectic. Things get more complicated when you need to switch accounts from one OS to another iOS, i.e., Android to iPhone or vice versa. In this article, we will introduce an intelligent and automated tool to transfer WhatsApp to the new phone of any operating system. Whether you want to switch to the same system or a different one, this detailed guide has all the possible ways.

First, we will discuss the easiest and most efficient way to transfer WhatsApp to new phones of different systems. Our recommended tool does not even require you to reset the device. This is an amazing perk that is not available with other common methods.

Part 1: Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone (Different Systems)

If you are switching from Android to iPhone, you cannot simply use a Google account to get your data on the new phone. The same goes for switching from iOS to Android, as an iCloud account will not be supported on Android smartphones.

Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is a fully automated tool for WhatsApp data transfer from one device to another with the same or different operating systems. Apart from smooth data transfer, there are certain features like merging new and old messages and transferring WhatsApp data without factory reset, which make this tool one of a kind. We will see two different scenarios for data transfer to devices with different systems.

Way 1: How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone (No Factory Reset)

Did you recently buy a new iPhone 15? Are you worried about how to migrate WhatsApp to a new phone? Using Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer will make this process easiest. Without a factory reset, here are simple steps to move Whatsapp to a new phone, Android to iPhone.

Step 1: Download and Install the Tool

Download iCareFone Transfer on a computer, and after installation, connect both Android and iPhone devices to the computer.

Step 2: Create WhatsApp Backup on Android Phone

Go to the source device and enable WhatsApp data. Once the backup is complete, click on the continue button. You will receive all the instructions on the screen to create a backup on the source device.

create backup on android

Step 3: Verify WhatsApp Account

You need to verify the WhatsApp account that was active on the source or Android phone by entering the phone number. All instructions are available on the screen for the process.

Step 4: Transfer Data to iPhone

After verifying the account, choose the file types that you want to transfer.

select WhatsApp attachment types

Step 5: Restore WhatsApp Data to iPhone

Login to your WhatsApp account on your new iPhone and follow the instructions on the screen. If you are already logged in, choose the logged-in button and continue. Selected files will be transferred to your iPhone within moments, and your WhatsApp account on your iPhone will be ready to use.

That is all! You can use iCareFone Transfer to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without Factory Reset.

If your iPhone is factory new or reset to factory settings, you can migrate your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS.

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Way 2: How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

iCareFone Transfer can easily transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, too. The overall process of tool installation is the same as described in the above section. Here are the exact steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Installation Process

Download and install iCareFone Transfer tool on your PC/Mac and connect source and target phones to your laptop. Choose the iPhone to Android data transfer option.

Step 2: Proceed with WhatsApp Data Transfer

Once devices are connected successfully, click on the Transfer button and confirm the action. You will be asked to verify the account by asking for the number and then the security code. All WhatsApp data on your Android or target phone will be overwritten. This backup process will take a few moments.

Step 3: WhatsApp Data Transfer Successful

After the success of the verification process, you can choose the file types that you want to transfer and then wait for a few moments until data is transferred to your new Android phone from iOS.

select data type

Part 2: Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone (Same Systems)

When you need to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone with the same operating system, there are some manual methods available. You can use these methods if you want to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone.

Way 1: Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone/Android to Android by WhatsApp Official

WhatsApp has official methods for transferring messages from an old device to a new one. Here are the official methods for both devices of the same operating systems.

whatsapp qr code

For Android to Android

  • Download the WhatsApp app on the new phone and enter your number to verify the account.
  • Choose the “Transfer from the old device” option after searching for the backup
  • Click on Start, and a QR code will appear once you allow the permissions
  • Scan the QR code of the new phone with the camera of the old phone and confirm the action
  • Leave WhatsApp apps open and wait for a few moments until the process is complete

For iPhone to iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp on the new iPhone and verify the number
  • Choose Transfer chat history to iPhone and continue and scan the QR code with your old phone.
  • Accept local network permission and let the transfer complete, and your data will be transferred to the new iPhone within moments.

Way 2: Transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android via Chat backup

If you have created a WhatsApp backup on your source Android device, transferring WhatsApp chat from Android to Android is quite easy. Here are simple steps for this method.

  • Go to WhatsApp on your source android phone, choose >> settings >> chats >> chat backup >> click on backup button
  • Download WhatsApp on a new Android phone, use the number for login, and choose the restore backup option. Backup will start restoring data, and your new WhatsApp account will be ready within moments.

Way 3: Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

Now, if you want to transfer WhatsApp chats from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, there is an official method available. This process will overwrite the existing data on the target device though.

  • Go to WhatsApp on the source phone, choose settings >> chat settings >> backup now.
  • Install WhatsApp on the target phone and log in via your old number
  • Choose the “Restore Chat History” option and wait for a few moments, and new iPhone will be ready

Final Words

There are different methods available for different scenarios. The manual methods are not only complicated but also pose different limitations and challenges. These are only viable when you need to transfer data between devices of the same operating system.

If you want to transfer WhatsApp to new phone without hassle, you can try 3rd tool like Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer. This tool is packed with advanced and professional WhatsApp data transfer features.

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