June 18, 2020

How to Use Content Marketing to Increase Your Blog’s Popularity

It’s not enough that you focus on content creation for your blog. No matter how great your articles are, if you don’t employ effective content marketing, you won’t get a lot of traffic to your site. Apart from blog posts, it’s crucial also to explore other forms of content like podcasts, case studies, interviews, and videos.

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What is Content Marketing?

While there are many types of content marketing, it is basically a form of marketing where you create content and share it online. When you do this, you may not necessarily be promoting your brand. However, you are providing useful content that’s valuable to readers, making them more interested in what products or services you offer.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

The importance of content marketing needs to be emphasized because it does a lot in putting your business out there. Through it, people become more aware that it’s ready to provide the best product of service.

For example, if you have an organic soap business, you can write articles about how to make soap at home, what is an exfoliating soap, or essential oils to use in making soap. With these articles, you’re not promoting your product, but you’re giving readers valuable information that they can use. They will love that, and they’ll keep coming back to read more.

When Content Marketing Professionals market your content, they provide useful information to your audience. It allows you to build trust with your readers as well as engage with them. Readers are more likely to become customers if they know that your business can be trusted.

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How to Start Content Marketing

Be Better than the Competition

You need to have a content strategy as well as the right content marketing tools to make your campaign effective and successful. Before you begin writing your articles, take a look at the sites that are ranking well on the search results. See what they’re writing about, and then strive to create even better content.

Perform Keyword Research

Get ideas for your topics by conducting keyword research, so you’ll see what keywords or key phrases are getting a lot of search volume. When you have this, you can then think about what topics will be most valuable to your audience. You may then start making an editorial calendar, so you can regularly post articles and other content on your blog.

Write in a Natural Voice

Whenever you’re writing for your blog, do your best to write as though you’re just talking to your reader. Be warm and friendly because that will show through the flow of words in your articles. Don’t be too pushy to get your audience to do something you want them to do. All you can really do is suggest. It’s up to them if they want to sign up to a newsletter or buy a product.

That’s why it’s highly important to get your readers hooked to your content. You don’t only want to provide informative content, they should also be interesting, and whenever appropriate, entertaining. Your audience will appreciate you for not being a hard-sell. Strive to be likable. Leave the rest to your audience.

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Promote and Share Your Content on Social Media

Don’t forget to share your content on social media sites so that you can have an even wider reach. Make sure that readers will find it easy to share them as well. Include links to your new articles in your newsletter, so your subscribers will be updated whenever you publish a new one.

Check Your Site Metrics

It’s vital that you check how your content and articles are performing. Look into the website traffic that you’re getting and how many people have clicked on the links on your newsletter, social media posts, tweets, and others. This way, you’ll know which among your posts are most popular, and therefore, most effective to your readers.

Improve Your Current Strategy

Once you study the metrics and see what’s working well and what could be improved, start working on making things better. Check if you’re using the right size when it comes to your images and if the pages are loading fast, too. If your page is slow to load, that could frustrate your readers, and they would just leave your site.

Also, look into which social media platforms you get the most traffic from. You might want to focus your energy on those sites. It’s better to concentrate on a couple of social media sites than spread yourself thin. Lastly, what kind of content is most effective? Do they like videos, podcasts, or articles? Get to know this so that you can do more of those types of content.


If you want your blog to be even more popular with your audience, give them something of value. When you write, write with your audience in mind. They will surely appreciate that and tell others about your blog. That’s the kind of readers you want to nurture.

As for content marketing, while it may be a bit technical in some ways, you can definitely do it yourself. You may also tap the best content marketing agency at Sortlist to get started on your campaign today!

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