April 16, 2021

How to Watch Hulu on Amazon Firestick

Hulu is a streaming app that has been around since 2007, earning a top spot as one of the most popular apps offering video on demand service. With Hulu, you get to watch all kinds of movies and shows—in fact, Hulu has even released its own original titles that are mostly exclusive to the platform. Some may find this to be one of the main reasons why they choose this streaming platform, as it offers a vast collection of entertaining content.

Like most streaming apps, the Hulu app itself is free to download. However, you’ll need to be subscribed to the service first if you want to actually access the various content available. Fortunately, Hulu has affordable plans compared to other paid streaming services—with plans going as low as $5.99 a month.

That being said, it’s worth noting that this lowest tier has ads, which explains its price point. If you want a Hulu experience without any ads, you can subscribe to the No Ads tier, which costs $11.99 a month. Hulu usually offers the first month free as some kind of trial, so you can always cancel or downgrade your subscription whenever you see fit.

How to Watch Hulu on Amazon Firestick

On the Firestick’s home screen, press up until you reach the top menu and head over to the Search function.

Type in Hulu in order to start looking for the app. An alternative is to just say the word “Hulu” if you have a remote that supports Voice Search.

On the Apps & Games section, the first app you see should be Hulu. Tap on this app to open up its designated download page.

Click the Get button.

Wait for the app to finish downloading and installing.

Now, you can launch the app by tapping the Open button.

You’ll be greeted by this page once Hulu loads. Assuming that you already have a Hulu account, click Log in.

Then, go ahead and choose the Activate on a computer option.

Hulu will provide you with an activation code, which you need to take note of. You’ll be needing this later.

On your laptop, computer, or any other device that can access a web browser, go to the link: hulu.com/activate.

Type in the code that was given to you before clicking the Activate button.

Once the activation and integration process is completed, you may return to your Firestick/Fire TV device.

You should see that you’ve been successfully logged into your Hulu account, and that your television screen is displaying the streaming app’s home screen.

From there, you’re free to do whatever you want and watch whatever title you’re interested in. What’s great about Hulu is that it provides its own EPG as well, so you have an idea of a program’s schedule if ever you’re interested in live TV.


Installing Hulu on Firestick is as easy as pie, but if you do encounter any issues, we recommend that you do a couple troubleshooting steps first such as restarting your Fire TV device as well as your internet router. If you’re experiencing buffering issues even though you’re supposed to have a high-speed connection, you may also want to consider getting a Firestick ethernet adapter for a more stable connection.

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