October 12, 2017

Instagram is still Down For Several Users after Resolving the Issue

Yesterday, the popular social networking sites Facebook and Instagram were down in most parts of West and East Coast of North America, some parts of South America and various parts of Europe. The DownDetector, a web tracker and several users of Twitter have reported about not being able to access Facebook and Instagram.

About 12,000 reports of Facebook problems were recorded on the Down Detector site and 2500 reports on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Users reported that the app wasn’t loading, photos weren’t uploading, and the feed couldn’t be refreshed.


Facebook resolved this issue and made a statement saying “Earlier today, a networking issue caused some people to have trouble accessing Facebook services. We quickly investigated and started restoring access within about an hour, and we have nearly fixed the issue for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

A few hours after the company made a statement that the issue was resolved, Instagram is down again for several users around the globe. Furious about the inconvenience caused, the users have taken over Twitter and Facebook saying they are getting a blank page or an error message stating couldn’t refresh the feed.


Outage.report, an independent website which tracks real-time outages of websites, apps and networks around the globe provided a screenshot showing the intensity of the outage as extreme. It is still unclear about the severity of the network issues that have caused the critical downtime of Facebook and Instagram earlier today. While there are people still reporting that Instagram is crashing for them all around the globe from last two days for a smaller interval of times.

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