May 29, 2016

All You Need is an Aluminium Foil to Boost Your WI-FI Strength and Here’s How

Are you looking for ways to boost the signal strength of that wireless router in your home without having to spend extra for a Wifi extender? Is your crappy Wi-Fi signal preventing you from uploading an inspiring Facebook status? It’s pretty much hard for your Wi-Fi connection to reach all the four corners of your home, apart from the garden and beyond. To take your computing to the distance, you’ll need to severely increase your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Wi-Fi is an essential component for everyone these days as our works almost rely on the internet. However, the current generation is very busy with a hectic schedule, and it is very hard to work on the sluggish internet connection. Weak Wi-Fi signal is a common problem, especially if the router location is distant from the receiver device, to maintain signal strength there’s a simple and easy way to increase your Wi-Fi signal strength.

How to Increase your wifi signal strength using aluminum foil

Without expending too much cost for purchasing another Wi-Fi range extender or buy for new modem router combo to make a good signal, some aluminum foil will do the trick. Surprised? Yes, you heard it right! Simply head over to the kitchen and grab some Aluminum foil that is commonly used by your mother for cooking or for wrapping sandwiches so that they stay fresh a little longer. This inexpensive aluminum foil can do the task of boosting the Wi-Fi signal strength.

How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength using Aluminum foil?

Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to increase your Wi-Fi signal strength using an aluminum foil. Check out the simple process!

Things Required

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Scissor (optional)
  • Router

Step 1: Initially, cut or tear off a piece of aluminum foil in the shape of a rectangle. Fold all the surrounding edges to appear as a frame and give it a curve shape.

Step 2: Add some stability in order to withstand and place the foil behind the antenna of your router.

Step 3: The aluminum foil will reflect the wireless signals by making the signal focus into the selected directions of your house.

Step  4: If your router is mounted on a wall, you can just make holes in the Aluminium foil and insert the foil into the holes of the antenna.

Watch the video below for more detailed instruction:

YouTube video

Step  5: After placing the aluminum foil behind your router, you can observe the change in the Wi-Fi signal strength.

This way you can increase the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network so that you can upload o download files in a faster way.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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