March 26, 2019

Install Disqus Commenting System and Syncing Comments from Blogger

If you have a technology or any kind of user interaction niche then you must have known how valuable your comments would be. According to Google, when a Search Engine crawls, it also indexes the words in the comments and so if you can index your comments properly then you are going to be ranking at top for all the posts. For that we cannot trust the default Blogger commenting system and so we need some powerful commenting system like Disqus.


There are 100 reasons why Disqus is a better commenting system for Blogger compared with the default one but we are not here to discuss about it so we will directly move to the article on properly installing it on your blog and syncing them.

Steps to Install Disqus Commenting System on Blogger Platform

1. Open the Disqus link and click on “Get Disqus for your site“.

2. On the next page sign up with your basic details such as username, email-ID and password.

3. Type in your Website name, Website URL and select a category. Hit on “Finish Registration“.

install disqus for blogger

4. On the next screen select “Blogger” as your platform.

5. You will be provided with the setting instruction for Blogger and all you have to do in this page is to click on the “Add <yoursite> to my Blogger site” button.

install disqus on blogger platform

6. A new window will open now and you have to select your website for which Disqus has to be added and type in a name for that widget. Click on the “Add Widget” button and the widget will be automatically added to your website.

7. To check whether Disqus is working just open any post and scroll to the comment section. If you see the Disqus commenting system then you are in the right track.

install disqus on blogger blog

8. Click on the “Verify” button on the previous window if Disqus has properly installed on your website.

How to Sync Disqus Commenting System with Blogger

When you have installed the Disqus commenting system with your blogger it doesn’t always synchronize your existing comments. So we have to do it manually and that won’t cost you much time either.

1. Go to the Admin dashboard in Disqus commenting system.

2. Click on the “Discussions” tab and navigate to the “Import” tab.

3. Select the “Blogger” menu and click on the “Import comments from Blogger” button.

sync disqus with blogger

4. If it asks for confirmation then click on yes and proceed further.

5. Make sure that the new comments are also enabled for synchronization.


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