August 21, 2021

Intel Uses the World’s Most Compact Micro-Mirror Scanning Technology from STMicroelectronics for its Intel® RealSense™ LiDАR Camera L515

A High-resolution LiDAR sensor with low power consumption generating millions of points of depth per second is a perfect solution for a wide array of Computing and Manufacturing usage scenarios 

Geneva, Mar 8th, 2021 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer providing customers with products for the entire range of electronics applications, has designed a miniature MEMS mirror allowing spatial scanning of surroundings. In turn, Intel proceeded to develop a micro-mirror-based LiDAR sensor, enabling high-resolution scanning for industrial use cases such as volume measurements, bin picking solutions, 3D scanning, and logistics.

The tiny ST MEMS mirror built into the Intel RealSense LіDАR1 Camera L515 conduces to the highly compact size of the LiDAR camera (61mm diameter x 26mm height). The micro-mirror provides continual laser scanning across the entire range of vision. The RealSense LiDAR Camera L515, combined with a custom photodiode sensor, generates a 3D depth map of the location.

According to Benedetto Vigna, President of STMicroelectronics, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group, with a 30fps frame rate and a FOV of 70 by 55 degrees, ST’s 2nd-generation micro-mirror keeps setting high standards for 3D detection and scanning applications. In addition, Benedetto Vigna points out that maintaining the long-lasting supply partnership for MEMS mirrors with Intel reveals ST’s efforts to strengthen its long-term leadership positions in the micro-mirror industry in order to satisfy the most exacting customer requirements regarding technical aspects and supply.

The L515 utilizes the scanning capabilities of MEMS to guarantee hi-res depth and the ability to control FOV, prevent pixel interpolation, and achieve almost zero pixel blur due to the short exposure time of 50nS.

Sagi BenMoshe, Corporate Vice President and General Manager Emerging Growth Incubation at Intel, mentions that Intel® RealSense™ technology has found application in numerous machine vision solutions for Scanning, Robotics, and Logistics purposes. Besides, Sagi BenMoshe says that the Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 with ST MEMS mirrors provides unexampled precision, while at the same time being the most compact hi-res LiDAR depth camera in the world. That is why the device is suitable for a wide range of use scenarios.

Intel® RealSense™ Technology in Depth 

Intel RealSense technologies significantly impact the future by enabling devices to understand, see, interact with, and self-learn from their environment. When it comes to computer vision solutions, Intel RealSense presents an extensive range of options, including customizable software, the smallest high-resolution LiDAR camera in the world, and a platform-agnostic, low-power stereo depth camera. Constantly expanding its product range, Intel RealSense’s integral solutions address use cases in fields such as 3D Scanning, Robotics, Volumetric Measurements, Facial Recognition, and Logistics.

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