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Introducing Advanced SEO Guide for Bloggers who are blogging on Blogger.com/Blogspot


To every bloggers who are reading this article I would like to provide few information regarding why we wrote that advanced blogging guide, to whom that guide will be helpful for and by what way you can use that article efficiently. After writing that article it was a huge success and many of me fellow bloggers started to thank me on my social networking profiles. As Alltechbuzz already has a huge blogger followers the advanced guide took us to a whole new level of reputation and fame.

To answer all those questions in your mind regarding that advanced guide for bloggers I’m writing this FAQ sort of posts.

Why did we Write the Advanced Guide for Bloggers ?

The whole idea of writing that guide was only to educate the people who are unaware of the Blogger platform. Any newbie who is entering the blogging field will have enough knowledge about blogging and Blogger if he reads each and every article in that guide.

We DID NOT write the guide for money !

If you had gone through the articles not even in one post we have kept our Adsense ad and the reason behind it was we don’t want any penny from anyone who is going to read those articles.

Second reason is that we totally spent 48 hours of work to finish all those articles with our team’s hard effort and if someone is going to write it for money they wouldn’t have been available for free at the first place instead we would have quoted a 300$ price tag for that guide.

To Whom Did we Write the Advanced Guide for Bloggers ?

So you might have a doubt that whether the time I’m going to spend on these article will be useful to me? The answers is YES! This article is written in such a way that keeping in mind about both the newbies and the experienced bloggers. We have collected various topics for the article from bloggers like you. We made a list on all the questions which are asked by bloggers frequently in our social network and I started to write on all of them including the other advanced posts which were in my mind.

This guide teaches you the A-Z tips about blogging and how to use Blogger Blogspot in an efficient way. If you think that you are a pro-blogger and it is not necessary to read that guide then it is a big loss for you.

Talking about the resource that are provided here, these aren’t any copied contents instead they are well written articles which are written by Me and my team members of AllTechMedia.

How this guide going to be beneficial for you?

This guide will be beneficial for you only if you read and implement everything step by step. If you just read it and leave it then its not going to be helpful at all. You have to implement everything step by step, only then this guide is going to be helpful for you.

Is this the End or Will we Continue ?

We aren’t stopping it here and we are only increasing the effort we are putting into creating the guides. We have already started working on the next guide and stay updated for it.

There is one more thing that I would like to ask from your side. If you want us to make another guide then on what topic you would ask me to write on ? This piece of information is very necessary for me and I will be waiting for your precious comments.

If you want to access the guide you can simple search for alltechbuzz.net/guide and it will redirect to the advanced seo guide.

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Imran Uddinhttps://www.alltechbuzz.net/
Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.


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