September 29, 2015

Latest iOS 9.0.1 Update Allows Hackers to Access iPhone Contacts & Photos – How to Fix it

Apple has recently released a new operating iOS 9 in mid-September with a range of new updates that are capable of improving your iPad and iPhone experience. The company went to a top range after receiving reports that the adoption rate of iOS 9 increased up to 50% just within a week. Unfortunately. all that turned out to be a nightmare for the Apple company as many of the iOS 9 users complained that the latest devices were getting hanged in the midway at the time of installation. Not only installation issue, but also the iOS 9 users are vulnerable to hack due to a major security loophole in the iOS 9. Apple then released a latest iOS 9.0.1 update in order to fix the lockscreen bug. Instead of fixing the bug, the latest update allows hackers to access the user’s iPhone contacts and photos. We have come with a solution so that the iPhone users can get through this major security issue. Here is how to fix this issue.

iOS 9.0.1 Update Lets Hackers Access Contacts & Photos

A major security loophole (the lock screen bypass flaw) in the latest iOS version has been revealed by a Spanish researcher allowing hackers to access the user’s iPhone photos and contacts. It is also found that there are some bugs in the latest iOS 9 version that eventually cause sudden crashing of a device, sluggishness in the device’s animation features and less responsive display. In order to fix this issue, Apple rolled out a security patch namely iOS v9.0.1 for the iDevices. Even after releasing a new update, it failed to patch the major flaws, instead allowing hackers to access the user’s iPhone photos and contacts without a passcode.

Apple iOS 9 Latest Update fails to patch security flaw

One of the iPhone users Jose Rodriguez initially found the security flaw and reported that the latest update iOS 9.0.1 doesn’t fix the lock screen bypass vulnerability. Instead,  it lets others bypass your iPhone’s lock screen and get into your contacts and personal photograph.

How to Bypass the Passcode on iOS 9 & iOS 9.0.1

Jose Rodriguez released a new video that shows a step-by-step process with detailed explanation on how to bypass the passcode on iOS 9 and iOS 9.0.1 device without a password just by using the altruistic nature of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. In the video demonstration, he showed that any locked iPhone device can be unlocked just by using a simple trick that can be even used by a common man. Here’s is a step-by-step procedure on how to bypass a passcode on iOS 9 and iOS 9.0.1 device in just 30 seconds:

  • Initially, you need to wake up the iOS device and enter an incorrect passcode four times.
  • For the fifth attempt, just Enter 3 or 5 digits (depending on the length of Passcode), and for the last one, you need to Press and Hold the Home button to activate Siri quickly followed by the 4th digit.
  • As soon as Siri appears on the device, ask her for the time.
  • Once you get a reply from Siri, Tap the Clock icon so that you will get access to set the clock.
  • Now, open the Clock app and Add a new Clock. You can also choose time-zone with a search bar in which you can type something.
  • Double tap on the word you wrote to activate the copy & paste menu. Select all and then you will get a pop-up menu with a Share option. Click on Share.
  • Now, Tap the ‘Message’ icon in the Share Sheet, and type something random. Then, go back and double tap on the contact name on the top.
  • You will get access to Contacts and Photos to share.
  • Select “Create New Contact,” and Tap on “Add Photo” and then click on “Choose Photo”.
  • You’ll now be able to see the entire photo gallery on the iOS device. The device will be still locked with a passcode. Even then, you will be able to get access to view contacts and photos of some other’s iPhone device.

Note: The lock screen bypass vulnerability works on all iOS versions from iOS 5.1.1 to the latest released iOS 9.0.1.

Watch the Video that shows how to bypass a Passcode with on iOS 9 and iOS 9.0.1 device:

YouTube video

How to Fix the iOS 9.0.1 Vulnerability

Apple rolled out a new update to patch the iOS 9 security loophole. But, it couldn’t fix the vulnerability and allows hackers to bypass a passcode on other’s iPhone devices. So, in order to help users from this security flaw, we are here with a solution just by disabling Siri from being accessed by the lock-screen. Here is how to fix this security issue:

  • Firstly, Go to Settings
  • Select Touch ID & Passcode

How to Fix Apple iOS 9 Security Flaw

  • Now, enter your passcode in the prompt
  • Scroll down to get Allow access when locked section.
  • Now, select Disable Siri.

Once you turn off or disable Siri, hackers will not be able to unlock the iPhone without the right password. Even if they try to enter the passcode and get failed to type within five attempts, the iPhone will get locked automatically for a minute. This way you can prevent hackers or some other people from accessing your iPhone without a passcode. Hope this simple trick helps you to protect your contacts and photos from being exposed to potential hackers.

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