January 30, 2018

More Woes For Apple Users-iPhone Battery Explodes After A Man Bites It

On January 19th,  a man at an electronics store in China decided to test the authenticity of the iPhone‘s battery by biting it. The moment he removed the battery from his mouth, it burned to flames. Biting caused the battery to rupture and ultimately leading to a small explosion. This was captured by the CCTV camera and was uploaded to Miaopai, a Chinese website and witnessed 4.69 million views till date.

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According to Taiwan News, the man wanted to inspect the iPhone’s battery to make a more informed purchase as it was a second-hand market. The man began to check if it was real and decided to bite it. This triggered the explosion. Fortunately, no one was hurt as the blast was a few inches away from the man’s face and the others.

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A Chinese netizen joked, “The battery is not gold, why are you biting it?”

Well, its true as there is a problem with the lithium-ion batteries is that they have a tendency to over-heat or explode when they are damaged. That’s why it is necessary to treat the batteries with caution else they would be leading to disastrous situations. The man thought that biting the battery would be the best way to test the authenticity, which did not favour the man as the battery exploded immediately after he bit it. However, it is not known whether the battery exploded because it was fake or because he damaged the battery by biting it.

If you are unsure about the quality of the battery then visit your nearest Authorised Retailer and get verified instead of trying out your own litmus tests. Handle your smartphone’s battery with care.


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