February 8, 2018

Apple’s $999 iPhone X has Incoming Call Bug – Users Unable to Pick Up Calls

Few iPhone X users have been experiencing an incoming call bug for some time now, where they are finding themselves unable to pick up the calls immediately.

Several users have reported about this sudden glitch regarding their $999 worth iPhone X on the Apple’s forum support and some even took it to Twitter and Reddit as well. According to the users complains, when they receive an incoming call, they could hear the ringtone playing but couldn’t see the call on their screen. It would take at least 6 to 8 seconds for the call to show up on screen. And by the time they see the call, it’s too late to answer it, eventually leaving them to missed calls.

“I hear the phone ringing, but the graphics on the screen doesn’t change to the phone mode, only after 5-6 rings. Not only I can’t answer the phone, I also can’t see who is calling But only after about 10 seconds,” one affected user writes.

Few users say, restarting the phone solves the issue temporarily but the bug would come back again after some time. Restoring the iPhone X settings also turned out to be a failure for some users.

“To solve this, I need to restart the phone, until it’ll come back again. It doesn’t help to close all the apps. I’ll just add that it is a new phone, not from second hand or something, and I’m far from using all my memory.”

The reports started to surface online from January only. But it’s still so soon for any complaints about an iPhone which was just released in last November itself i.e two months after the release.

Currently, the problem seems to be confined to iPhone X users only. However, it’s unclear about how many users got affected by the bug yet.

Responding to the issue on Monday, Apple said that it is “looking into these reports” about why the iPhone X users are unable to pick up their phone calls.

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