March 15, 2021

John Deere Employee Self Service: Login Guide and More

If you’re a new employee working for John Deere, you’re most likely still a little fuzzy on what the company’s employee self service is all about. Fortunately, this guide contains all the information you need about this service, including a guide on how to login to your account in case you’re experiencing some trouble doing so.

But before we dive in to the details, let’s talk a little bit about John Deere. Deere & Company is widely known as John Deere, an American company that mass produces machinery related to forestry, agriculture, and construction, as well as other heavy equipment used for lawn care, among others. Founded by John Deere back in 1837, the company had nearly 70,000 employees in 2020. Because its hefty number of staff members, the company launched an online self-service portal for its many employees.

John Deere Employee Self Service

The purpose of this self-service portal was to make things easier for John Deere employees. Thanks to the John Deere ESS, you no longer have to contact the company’s HR department. Plus, you have access to all your personal and work information from this online portal. With just your registered User ID and Password, you can access your ESS account at anytime and at any day.

When you login to your account, you’ll be able to manage your account information. For instance, you can update your address in case you moved, or update your name in case your name has undergone any recent changes. Through the John Deere ESS, you can even add in dependents so that this information gets reflected on your taxes.

In case you signed up for one of the many available employee benefits, you can also view this information on the porta. There’s so much you can access with the Employee Self Service, from 4K plans, pension plans, and more. So, you should definitely make the most out of service while you’re still employed under John Deere.

Benefits of a John Deere Employee

Asides from the benefits you can reap from simply utilizing the ESS portal, being a John Deere employee in and of itself already has its fair share of benefits too. From benefits programs to compensation, the company really makes an effort to make employees feel like they’re being cared for and that the ideas and experiences are being valued.

That being said, here are some of the benefits that you can avail as a John Deere employee:


This is perhaps one of the most significant benefits or compensation packages that the company offers to its staff members. For this package, it includes dental, medical, and even FSA options to choose from. There are different medical services covered by John Deere’s medical plans, including emergency care, prescription drugs, maternity and baby care, hospital expenses, as well as vision and hearing.

Savings & Investments

Fidelity Investments is the company that’s operating John Deere’s 401K plan, and this particular plan gives you and other employees the chance to save some money based on pre- and after-tax. If you avail of this plan, you’ll have a specific account where a specified amount of money gets deposited.

Paid Time Off

For many workers, paid time off plays a major role as to whether they want to apply for a certain job. If you’re a John Deere employee, then you’ll be given up to 5 days of vacation time after working in the company for at least 6 months, and then 10 days of vacation leaves after a whole year. With continuous employment, these numbers could even increase up to 5 weeks of paid time off annually.

If needed, John Deere even allows employees to have extra time off. For instance, the company will let staff members spend valuable quality time with their respective families during special occasions.

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Competitive Pay

Another significant benefit that comes with working in John Deere is competitive pay. As an employee, you’ll receive a salary package that consists of your base pay—the pay you receive regularly—as well as variable pay—which includes bonuses, rewards, stock options, etc.

John Deere places a special highlight on performance. As such, the company also rewards top-performing employees who are in alignment with the company’s goals and vision. To be a little more specific, your individual performance bonuses also depend on your base pay, while the variable pay is impacted by the company performance.

Employee Wellness

John Deere’s health plan is a massive help to its thousands of employees. In a bid to ensure that all the staff members are in the best of health, the company encourages the employees to make use of the wellness programs and resources that it has made available.

Parental Support

The company understands the importance of family, which is why it offers parental leaves. If you have a growing family, then you can benefit from paid parental leaves that can reach up to 4 weeks. Even adoption is viewed to be just as important, as John Deere also offers limited adoption reimbursements to help take care of the expenses.

Global Workplace

Depending on what kind of position you hold, John Deere is flexible and offers a variety of options for its employees—from remote work to flexible work hours. This helps the company as a whole to be more efficient and allows for better collaboration.


As an employee, you’ll be given big discounts on John Deere products if you ever decide to purchase something. But it doesn’t end there—you’ll also receive discounts for mobile devices, office products, personal vehicles, computer hardware and software, and many others.

John Deere Employee Self Service Login Guide

If you’re a new employee and you need assistance accessing your John Deere Employee Self Service account, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to login to the online portal.

  1. Open up your browser of choice from any device you may have, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.
  2. Type in and enter the John Deere ESS web address, which is

How to Reset Your Account’s Password

If you’ve forgotten your password or you can’t seem to login to your account successfully, you can easily reset this information so that you can gain access to your account again. Simply follow the steps below to reset your John Deere ESS password:

  1. Open up your browser and type the official website of the online portal in the search bar.
  2. Hit enter.
  3. You’ll be redirected to ESS’s Login page, where you’ll see a link that says “Need help signing in?”
  4. Click on that link, which will trigger a “Forgot password?” link to appear.
  5. After clicking on that new link, you’ll be redirected to another page that requires you to type in your Username.
  6. Then, choose what kind of verification you want to go through and click Next.
  7. Depending on what you chose in the previous step, you’ll either receive a PIN verification or undergo Colleague verification.
  8. Once verification is successful, simply follow the instructions to reset your password.


Without a doubt, employee online portals such as the John Deere ESS one are incredibly useful for staff members. Through this website, you’ll be able to access all kinds of services and benefits, such as healthcare, PTO, discounts, and more. If you’re new to John Deere or if you’re planning to work for the company, hopefully this guide was able to provide you all the details you need to use the online employee self service portal.

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