February 6, 2018

All iPhones in 2018 to ‘Exclusively Include’ Intel Modems; Next-Gen 6.1-inch LCD iPhones to Outsell OLED Models – KGI Predicts

KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, also popularly known as “The Most Accurate Apple Analyst in the World” has got few more interesting predictions to say about Apple.


According to Kuo’s recent predictions, Intel could be the exclusive supplier of baseband chips embedded in all the iPhones to be launched in 2018. Previously, he expected only 30% of the modems to be supplied by Intel and the remaining 70% by Qualcomm due to the ongoing legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple. But, this complete shift from Qualcomm to Intel could be due to Intel’s latest XMM 7560 modem that supports both GSM and CDMA which implies that a single iPhone from Apple could work across all the major networks.

He also states that Intel might not be ready for 5G networking as Qualcomm do and Apple may give orders to Qualcomm again in the future in exchange for concessions in the lawsuit settlement.


Kuo also reiterates his previous claims of the two 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models with OLED display and a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model. This time he only added that the new 6.1-inch LCD display iPhones could outsell the iPhone X models in 2018.

Also, this would eventually boost the sales of LCD suppliers like Japan Display and also it’s longtime supply chain partner, Catcher which manufactures aluminum frames.

Well, it could be true because customers would always like to prefer the much affordable full-screen LCD display rather than an expensive $999 iPhone X with OLED display.

Do you have any predictions about the upcoming iPhones? Share your views in the comments!



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