June 7, 2016

Do You Know About The “p or ,” And “q or ;” Dial Pad Feature In Your Mobile?

It would be a funny thing if anyone asks you “Do you know the mobile phone?” Because with the advancement in the Technology, mobile phone users are increasing and it would wonder you if any person says that He don’t use a mobile phone. Mobile phone became the basic necessity for human beings like that of water,food,clothing and shelter.

You know about the mobile phones from the long back. You may make a call through your mobile phone frequently or rarely. Have you ever observed “p or ,” , “q or ;” and “+” in your dial pad feature. You may be aware of “+” as it is used in the case of making an International call for dialing country code. But most you are not aware of “p or ,” and “q or ;”. You get “p or ,” by long pressing “* (asterisk)” and “q or ;” by long pressing “#(hash key)”. In keypad phones, you get it as the “p and q” whereas, in touch phones, you get it as the “, and ;”.



Here is the purpose of that feature.

Suppose you are dialling some IVRS system (assume the number as 999) and every time after picking call you have to dial 5 with in 3 seconds to continue.
What you are going to do is dial 999 and after picking up your call go to keypad dialler and enter 5 to continue. Here a lot of time is wasted. Instead, just save the contact as 999,5 or 999p5. By this way, you don’t need to dial 5 again. It is explained as follows:

  • After dialling 999, p pauses for 2 to 5seconds. This duration depends on your mobile phone model. After waiting for some time 5 is automatically dialled. To get long pause duration enter p or , continuously depending upon the requirement.


  • Like the same way w or ; will make the wait (as long as you need) confirmed by a dialogue box so that we have to confirm every time. Here also you don’t need to type any number. Just confirmation is needed to send your choice.

For instance in India, to speak to Airtel complaint customer care you have to dial 198 and again 1 and again 2 and at last 9 (changes from the circle to circle).

So save this number as 198;1;2;9 . Your job is done in one shot. Remember to press Yes at the appropriate time.




Hope this hidden phone dialler feature will be useful in your life. Comment if you have any problem in using this feature.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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