March 29, 2021

Your Simple Guide To Installing Kodi on Xbox One

The Kodi app isn’t just for the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV or for Android TV Boxes. You can actually install it on your Xbox One as well in just a few simple steps. For a little history behind this wonderful app, the Kodi was originally known as the Xbox Media Player. As a matter of fact, it was originally made to function seamlessly on the first Xbox released in 2002. Then, in December 2017, the developers revealed that the increasingly popular app is available to download and use on the Xbox One console.

At the moment, Kodi is running on the latest stable release, which is Kodi 19 Matrix. This is the version you’ll be installing if or when you follow this step-by-step tutorial. Are you ready? Let’s dive right inw!

How to Install Kodi on Xbox One

First up, launch the Xbox One app and tap on the Search button next to Deals.

Using the on-screen keyboard, type “kodi” in the search box. Once you see Kodi’s app icon, click on that.

Tap on the Get or Install button, depending on what shows up for you.

At this point, just wait for the Kodi app to finish downloading and installing on your Xbox One.

Once the installation process is done, simply click the Launch button.

You’re all set! You’ve successfully installed Kodi on Xbox One and you can go ahead and open up the app. Enjoy!

It Has Its Limitations

While downloading and installing Kodi on Xbox One is a breeze, it unfortunately has its downsides. Major changes have been made to this latest Kodi version, which has caused many add-ons to fail. In other words, this version is incredibly limited and you may find that many add-ons that used to work will no longer be supported.

Other than that, you won’t be able to use the Blu-ray drive if you want to start the disk. Plus, the only network support available is NFS:// shares. Fortunately, the Kodi developers themselves are aware of the many issues plaguing the system right now, and are working hard to fix everything.

If you personally experience any bugs while you’re using Kodi on Xbox One, you can submit a bug report to the team of developers.

You Can Install Add-Ons

Once you’ve installed and opened Kodi on Xbox One, you may find that the app doesn’t really have anything in it. You can manually install add-ons so you can gain access to a variety of TV Shows, movies, and the like. There are so many available add-ons, so you may get confused as to which ones you should download and install.

You can try some of the popular add-ons like Exodus and Covenant. If you’re interested in installing builds, there are a bunch of Kodi 19 builds that still work seamlessly.


Installing Kodi on Xbox One is incredibly easy, and since you can find the Kodi app through the official store, you don’t need to sideload the app or go through third-party processes. If you encounter any issues, you can refer back to this easy to follow guide.

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