May 1, 2017

How to Maintain Your CF-54 ToughBook For Superior Performance

Why Businesses Need Semi-Rugged Devices? There was a time when enterprises had to compromise on their work efficiency just because their mobile workforces could not carry heavy computer machines for a business meeting or corporate events. They had to be dependent on notepads and papers for taking notes, detailing process plans and recording data. Thanks to semi-rugged laptops; now mobile field workers aren’t dependent on desktops anymore. And, the good news is that these devices are loaded with high configuration just like desktops.

With its successful semi-rugged products, Panasonic offers the desired mix of power and performance in the most challenging work environments. Wide configuration options make it easier for businesses to choose exactly what they want in a business laptop. With launching CF-54, Panasonic has created still lightest and thinnest semi-rugged Panasonic Toughbook for field service workers, especially involved in indoor repairs and maintenance.

Toughbook CF-54 – A Revolutionary Semi-Rugged Device

When fast paced, the corporate world demands seamless mobile data computing, there is a need to increase ‘mobile productivity’ for businesses. Facilitating easy data entry and task tracking, Toughbook CF-20 is designed to withstand drops and mishandling. An all-in-one utility device, its durability meets with MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F military specifications along with IP65 water and dust resistance capacity. Powered by Windows 8.1/10 Pro, 14″ HD and ‘honeycomb’ design, CF-54 is available in two models – HD and Full HD.

Fulfilling a field worker’s need for a rugged computing device, smooth supply-chain management, and flawless customer service can be achieved with Toughbook CF-54. Whether it is regarding purchasing history or current inventory, immediate access to required information is possible anywhere with a dedicated GPS, 4G LTE, antenna dual pass-through, and insertable SmartCard readers.

Viewing high definition images, working on documents and connecting through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® is no more hassle, supported by Windows® 10 Pro and 6th generation Intel® i5 processor. Apart from long lasting batteries which charge very quickly and live up to 18 hours, the touchpad and keyboard are sealed tight from damaging dust and oil intrusion. Inbuilt backlit keyboard compliments full magnesium alloy design and storage drive heater.



Maintenance Tips for CF-54 Toughbook

Day-to-day care: When carrying the device, turn it off before removing the external devices, Data Cards, network cables and other attached objects. Remove the disc in the CD/DVD drive (Only for the model with CD/DVD drive), before storing the machine. Do not leave the display open and avoid putting anything between the display and keyboard. Since the touchpad is designed to be used by fingertip, do not place any heavy object on its surface or press down heavily with sharp-pointed or hard objects that may leave marks of nails, pencils and ball point pens.

Placement and temperature related precautions: Place the CF-54 on a flat, stable surface; refrain from placing it upright or turn it over. If it is exposed to an extremely strong impact, it may become damaged. Remember, it is a semi-rugged laptop. Always make sure that it operating between 10 °C to 50 °C and does not have beyond 30% to 80% RH humidity exposure. Even within the ranges mentioned above, the operation for a long time in places where oil is used or a lot of dust is stored will result in shortened product life.

Freeze damage may occur if the CF-54 is wet in temperatures of 0 °C or below; ensure to dry off the computer in such temperatures. Do not place the computer near electronic equipment. Though the CF-54 is equipped with a drip-proof keyboard, no warranty is provided against any trouble caused by shock.



Battery Recalibration: The battery recalibration may take a long time due to the large battery capacity. This is not a malfunction. In fact, Battery Recalibration without shutting down Windows may take more time to charge/discharge.

Connection Authentication: Connect to the connectors in the correct direction, but if it is hard to insert, do not try forcibly. Check the connector’s shape and alignment of pins, etc. Remove the cables when you carry the device and never pull the cables forcibly.

Make the suitable security settings such as data encryption before using wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and wireless WAN. It is an important exercise to prevent your device from unauthorized use via wireless LAN/Bluetooth/wireless.

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