February 7, 2024

Mastering Email Protection: Advanced Techniques for Email Security

In today’s digital age, email communication is at the heart of business operations, making it a prime target for cyber threats. Protecting sensitive information within emails has become paramount, and organizations must adopt advanced techniques for email security. In this blog, we will explore the significance of email data loss prevention¬†and guide you through safeguarding your emails with the help of Strac’s cutting-edge services.

Email Data Loss Prevention Guide

Understanding the Threat

Emails contain valuable information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial data, and confidential documents. This information can lead to data breaches, identity theft, and economic losses in the wrong hands. As businesses increasingly rely on email for communication, it’s crucial to recognize the risks and take proactive measures to secure your sensitive data.

The Role of PII

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a crucial target for cybercriminals. PII includes information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and more, which, if exposed, can lead to severe consequences for both individuals and organizations. Strac specializes in detecting & redacting PII, a service that identifies and removes sensitive PII from emails, preventing unauthorized access.

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a comprehensive strategy to protect sensitive email information. Strac’s PII Handling service plays a pivotal role in DLP. Automatically scanning emails for PII ensures that sensitive data remains secure. With our services, you can proactively prevent data breaches and compliance violations.

Secure Document Vault

In addition to PII handling and detection, Strac offers a Document Vault service that provides a secure repository for confidential documents. This service ensures that sensitive attachments and files shared through email are stored safely, limiting access to authorized individuals.

Advanced Techniques for Email Security

1. Real-time Monitoring: Strac’s services continuously monitor email communications, promptly identifying any suspicious activities or potential breaches. This real-time monitoring allows for immediate response to threats.

2. Customized Policies: Our solutions allow you to customize email security policies to align with your organization’s needs and compliance requirements. This flexibility ensures a tailored approach to email protection.

3. Encryption: Implementing email encryption is another essential aspect of email security. Strac’s services can help encrypt sensitive emails, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the content.

4. Employee Training: Educating your staff about email security best practices is crucial. Strac can provide training resources to help employees recognize phishing attempts and other email threats.

5. Advanced Threat Detection: Strac’s email security services incorporate advanced threat detection mechanisms, which identify and block sophisticated email threats like malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts. You can significantly reduce the risk of email-related security breaches by staying one step ahead of cybercriminals.

6. Compliance and Reporting: Strac’s email data loss prevention services also help organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws. Detailed reporting and auditing features provide insight into email usage patterns and potential security gaps, facilitating compliance management and risk assessment.

7. User-Friendly Interface: Strac’s solutions are designed with user-friendliness. Easy-to-navigate interfaces ensure that your team can efficiently manage email security settings, view reports, and take action when necessary. Streamlining these processes makes it simpler to maintain a secure email environment.

8. Constant Updates and Support: Email threats are ever-evolving, so Strac provides regular updates and dedicated support to ensure your email security stays current and effective. Count on us to keep your defenses strong against emerging threats.

9. Integration and Scalability: Strac’s email security solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing email infrastructure, whether you use on-premises or cloud-based email platforms. This ensures that implementing our services is a smooth and hassle-free process. Moreover, our scalable solutions make it easy to adapt to your organization’s evolving needs as it grows.

10. User Awareness and Training: Educating your employees about email security is essential to an effective email data loss prevention strategy. Strac not only offers advanced technology but also provides resources for user awareness and training. Empowering your staff with the knowledge to recognize and respond to potential threats can significantly enhance your overall email security posture.


Mastering email protection is imperative for safeguarding your organization’s sensitive information. By leveraging Strac’s advanced services for email data loss prevention, you can fortify your email security strategy. Protecting your emails, detecting and redacting PII, and securely storing documents in the Document Vault are crucial steps in mitigating the risks associated with email communication.

Protect a data breach organization and clients before a data breach occurs. Strac’s services are your trusted allies in the fight against email data loss and cyber threats. Contact us today to fortify your email security and protect your valuable information.

In an era where data breaches are rising, email protection should be a top priority for every organization. Strac’s advanced techniques and services are your best defense against email data loss and cyber threats. Take action now and secure your emails with Strac’s email data loss prevention solutions.

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