March 13, 2020

MetroPCS — Change Phone with SIM Card

Here, you’ll learn quick and simple ways to switch the MetroPCS SIM card of your smartphone. So let’s first know what MetroPCS is, before discussing how switching SIM cards can be done safely in straightforward ways.

What is MetroPCS?

MetroPCS is a type of mobile service that’s also known as Metro by T-Mobile. Simply put, it’s a prepaid cellphone service that comes from a renowned telecom company, T-Mobile USA. If you end up moving your MetroPCS number as well as its service to a new phone, then this usually means you have to insert a MetroPCS SIM card into your smartphone.

You must also go through the MetroPCS activation process. There are 2 ways to do this, namely through a MetroPCS store, or via online methods. Plus, you can add a brand new MetroPCS line and number to your account by talking to the customer support representatives of the company.

How to Switch MetroPCS Phone SIM Card?

If you already own phone from MetroPCS and want to switch the services over to another phone, then first check to see if the phone itself is compatible with MetroPCS. Or, you can always purchase another phone from the nearest MetroPCS store or their website.

MetroPCS SIM Card

However, if you simply want to transfer your data from the old phone to a newer one, or to back it up, then you have to follow the instructions that come with the phone itself. This can help you transfer the data and back it up to a cloud-based computer or system. You can call up MetroPCS or whoever manufactures your phone if you’re still having trouble with this particular step.

The next step is to move the SIM card from your old phone to a new one. If the old SIM card comes in a format that won’t work in your new phone, then call up MetroPCS and ask them for a brand new card instead. After you insert the right SIM card into your new phone, you can now go over to the MetroPCS activation website and click “Change/Upgrade Phone”. Remember, you need to have both your old and new phones with you, as well as your previous phone number, the carrier PIN and passcodes. This is so you can log on to each of your phones when needed.

How to Activate Your MetroPCS Account?

If you purchased a phone that’s compatible with MetroPCS’ services, then you can use a MetroPCS SIM card. Next, you can activate it online. So remember, you must first order a MetroPCS SIM card, and also buy an accompanying phone (If you don’t have one yet) from the MetroPCS online store. You can opt to pick it up from a MetroPCS store or another shop that sells MetroPCS phones and products.

There’s an option for you to still use a phone from another mobile service provider, especially if it’s compatible with MetroPCS and isn’t exclusively locked to your previous carrier. You can ask your current mobile service provider to verify if your previous phone is compatible with MetroPCS. If you’re having trouble unlocking your phone, then you can also call your carrier and ask for quick and simple ways to do this.

If you’re new to MetroPCS and you have a SIM card and phone, then go and visit the MetroPCS website. Click on “Activate One Phone,” or if you have more than one phone, then click “Activate Multiple Phones.” This will all depend on the number of phones you want to change to MetroPCS’ service.

Next, pay for the service using your debit or credit card. This will activate the phone under MetroPCS. On the other hand, if you want to port your phone number from another carrier, then you need to have the phone on hand, along with your old carrier PIN.

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