January 27, 2016

Crazy Map: Most Googled Products In Every Country. Guess What's Indian's Searching For

Every country has a map portraying an area of land including all the places and other physical features like rivers seas, cities, roads and many more. Every country in the world is interrelated with one thing or the other that hovers it distant from the rest of the world. Have you ever thought of the most searched product for every country? It would be really fun to create a world map showcasing the most googled product costs for every country.

There is some speciality for every country in terms of products which are very popular in a particular country. Google is a haven where people look for solutions to most of their unanswered questions. Sometimes, people dig deeper into a specific topic or some kind of mysterious subject. But, have you ever explored about the speciality of your country and the most used product in your country as well as other countries of the world? If not, just take a look at the article that shows the things that people are actually googling on the search engine.

In the current popular culture, specific countries are conventionally associated with a certain product. Most of the people think that Germany is popular for beer, Japan for electronics, Turkey for carpets and so on. But those things aren’t what people are really googling for on the internet. Here’s the reality check! Here is a map of the world with the most-Googled-for object in each country which is made using the autocomplete formula of “How much does * cost in [x country].” It is pretty interesting

Some of the interesting and disturbing results:

Generally, Google autocompletes results change depending on the user’s history, the time of the search, and the place of search.

  • People want to know how much a flight in an MIG aircraft costs in Russia.
  • People want to know how much rhinoplasty costs in South Korea.
  • People want to know how much a prostitute costs in Brazil.

Can you guess the most googled thing in India?

Check it out below!

Here are the Maps:

The World Map

Most Googled Product

1. Amazingly, Five countries in Africa have googled cow as well – Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Mozambique, and South Africa.

Most Googled Product in Different Countries

2. In Europe, Spain loves Food, Ireland is highly interested in Funerals.

Europe - Most Googled Products

3. Brazil in South America Loves to Search More for Prostitutes!

South America - Most Googled Products

4. In North America, Folks in Mexico Love to Google Tummy Tucks.

North America - Most Googles Products

5. In Asia, while India Googled COW, her neighbour Pakistan searched for Weddings.

Asia - India - Most Googled Product

6. Australians conferred their preference for IVF making which is the most googled product there.

Australia - Most Googled Products

7. Last, but not Least – Antartica which is the land of ice loves Land. Seems about Right!

Antartica - Most Googled Product

These are the most googled products in all the countries. Through this, we can now understand people and their needs in their specific countries.  These are the surprising findings in the maps. Truly strange, right?

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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