March 6, 2019

10 Strong Reasons to Buy Moto Smartphones In 2019

Motorola released most awaiting android mobile Moto X on March 19th 2014 in India through one of the popular online retailer flipkart. The price tag of this mobile starts from 23,999 INR and the price of wood back version is 25,999 INR. They already released Moto G mobile successfully in India with basic price tag. If you are waiting to buy a smartphone under 25000 INR then you must read this article. Here are 10 strong reasons to buy Moto X today itself.

Features of Moto X:

Operate Mobile With Voice:

There is no need to touch your mobile to use applications and other things because here it comes up with a unique feature that is you can operate mobile with voice control. That means it works with words said by you and you can do some more customizations to this voice control feature. All you need to say “Ok Google Now” and give a command like set alarm, give directions etc. If you are not sure what to say then you can take help from this application. To do this just say “Ok Google now, help me”.

Twist and Take Photos:

Now capturing images is very easy with a new feature “Twist and Take”. You just need to twist your wrist twice and start taking snapshots by tapping anywhere on the screen. Now you can take photos even in dark light without getting blur on images because they implement new pixel technology which collects more light than other mobiles and take photos very fast. Camera was very good in this device with 10 MP rare facing, it has 16:9 aspect ratio. Even front facing camera also good with 2 MP. You can make a good video with 1080 HD and 30 FPS slow motion capture. It also have panorama, Auto HDR and Photo Burst features.

Motorola Connect:

We already discussed about Motorola new feature voice control and here is another awesome feature which comes by default that is you can read and reply text messages from your computer, attend calls from computer browser. You can perform these tasks from your chrome browser by installing Motorola connect extension. Of course so many mobiles provide this type of feature but you can feel the difference.

Motorola Migrate:

Motorola improve the upgrading process with this Motorola migrate feature. This option allows you to migrate your data from old mobiles. To perform this migration you need to install android app from Google play store, if you have old iPhone then you can perform migration from Motorola migrate iPhone app. So there is no need to worry about data which is got stuck in your old mobile.

All Updates at a Glance:

They want to simplify everything which reduces your work and gives perfect definition of smartphone. If any update or notification came from app immediately shows on your main screen. If you still miss any notification then just tap on the icon which appears on the top of the screen.

Get 65 GB of Google Drive Storage:

You can ask any technology expert about future storage then they will said about cloud storage. That’s why every big company turned into cloud storage. If you buy this mobile then you will get 65 GB of free Google drive storage space. That storage space is enough for all your online needs.

Slim and Sleek Design:

One of the most considering aspect for every mobile is size, because every smartphone had lot of specifications and the size also proportional to those specifications. They test this mobile with so many people and confirm it is the best which fits on everyone’s hand. It has curved design, slick and battery also thin. That’s why it is the best choice to buy this mobile.

Operating System:

Coming to operating system, this device comes up with latest android operating system kit Kat 4.4. They made so many improvements in design, fix security bugs. You can enjoy with new android operating system release because it had so many new features. It supports so many Apps, Games and Themes which are available on Google play store. A new photo gallery is added in this version and it have new features like advanced image cropping, contrast adjustment and new filter effects, exposure and more.


When it comes to connectivity it had more functions and you use anyone of them based on your requirements. It had 2G, 3G and even 4G connection also there. It had Nano sim which is less than micro sim but works very effectively. You can use your mobile as Wi-Fi hot spot which allows to share your internet connection. It supports 4G LTE so you can get more internet speed if your operator provide 4G internet connection. Along with this it had normal networks like GPRS, HSDPA etc.

Speed and Processor:

The future of any smartphone mainly based on its processing speed. It had QUALCOMM snapdragon s4 processor with 1.7GHz Dual-core support and quad-core graphics also there with aderno 320 GPU. This graphics engine will give a better gaming experience. It have good battery backup but that is based on your mobile usage.

I list out maximum features which will help you to buy a better smartphone under 25000 INR. If you have any doubts please leave a comment.

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Imran Uddin

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