February 19, 2017

12 Things You Should Never Say At Work (Instead, Say This)

“Professional manners carries considerable importance when working in a team.” Most of us (employees), try to avoid conflict at work, especially while trying a sensitive subject with colleagues. It’s easy to let something slip at work, especially when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

There are a number of potential scenarios where you can put your foot in your mouth. Maybe you’re trying to provide constructive feedback and you end up coming off rude or critical, or perhaps you disagree with a co-worker, but instead of listening first, you interrupt.

Things you should never say at work

The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is really a large matter, it’s the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning. – Mark Twain.

According to a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, nearly 1100 individuals found that around 66 percent of workers want to make the other person feel comfortable during tough chats. However, these diplomatic intentions can be soured by poorly phrased or negative comments, uttered in moments of stress, anger, or sheer carelessness.

People those who look out for ways of being more polite and friendly toward each other must follow these Phrases below:

1. That’s Not My Problem / That’s Not My Job:

If you asked someone for help, and the person replied with one of the above phrases, how would you feel? “Regardless of how inconvenient or inappropriate a request may be, it is likely important to the other person or they would not have asked. Therefore, as a contributing member of the team, a top priority is to care about the success of others.”  An unconcerned, detached and self-serving attitude quickly limits career advancement.

2. This Is The Way It’s Always Been Done:

Things you should never say at work 2

Saying “this is the way it’s always been done” makes you sound like a stubborn fool who is resistant to change and progress. Challenging, the current status has resulted in countless innovations throughout human history. Just because something has been done the same way for years doesn’t mean it can’t be changed or improved.

3. There’s Nothing More I Can Do:

Things you should never say at work 3

Something it really does feel there’s nothing else we can do, especially if we have exhausted all possibilities. Adopting a “can-do” attitude would go much further than admitting defeat.

4. This Will Only Take A Minute:

Things you should never say at work 4

You might think this makes you sound efficient but what it really does is make it look like you rush through tasks. However, there’s no value in rushing. Instead, you could say “this won’t take long”.

5. That Makes No Sense:

Things you should never say at work 5

We all get confused, but rather than jump to conclusions it could be that simply don’t understand. Instead of appearing negative, try to recognize what the other person is saying.

6. You Are Wrong:

Things you should never say at work 6

This can slip out before we realize. The trouble is you are verging trampling on office etiquette and could rite same people up. Try a more diplomatic approach.

7. I am Sorry, But…:

Things you should never say at work 7

We rarely think when we say sorry, and it’s often followed by an excuse. This undoes the power of a true apology.

8. I Just Assumed That:

Things you should never say at work 8

Mistakes are easy to make and can simply come from miscommunication. Nevertheless, it’s much better to not express assumption and clarify what it is you needed to do.

9. I Did My Best:

Things you should never say at work 9

Since school, we have always been taught to try our best. But when your best isn’t good enough, use it as a lesson you can learn from.

10. You Should Have…:

Things you should never say at work 10

Pointing out mistakes when you are frustrated is all too easy to do, but blaming someone and finding fault with them or their work isn’t the best approach. Try to be more constructive.

11. I May Be Wrong, But…:

Things you should never say at work 11

You have an idea but lack confidence and worried others might dismiss what you have to say. Avoid discounting yourself and tell people what you think.

12. I Haven’t Had Time:

Things you should never say at work 12

There are never enough hours in the day, and conflicting priorities occur far too often. It’s better to be proactive and say when the task will be done, rather than explaining why it is late.

If you say something you wish you hadn't

To keep awkward office discussions honest yet positive, steer clear of these phrases. They may seem innocuous at surface level, but the subtext indicates that you’re not a team player.

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