February 10, 2016

This New Facebook Hacking Tool Can Actually Hack Facebook Accounts but be Cautious Before you Use

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites in the current trend as it is seeking the attention of billions of people across the world. As it offers an easy user access, people are getting addicting to this social media platform. Even, some of them are using this platform as a haven for illegal activities. Due to such unlawful and offensive kind of works by some blockheads, gradually is the meaning of Facebook has been transforming totally. However along with the growing popularity of Facebook, it is also obtaining an extensive attention of hackers as well.

Sometimes, you might be wondering how some people successfully hacked someone’s Facebook account. But, in fact, when you hack someone’s Facebook account, it gives you a feeling of being powerful. Almost everyone who is a user of Facebook will be possessing a strong passion for mastering the art of hacking Facebook. But, if you have such a great desire then, it can harm you in an influential way.

Here’s the Facebook hacking tool that can really hack one’s Facebook account. Yes, you heard it right! A newly discovered Facebook hacking tool truly has the capability to hack Facebook account, but there is a catch.

New Facebook Hacking Tool that can Really Hack Your Account

We often come across various queries while surfing the internet like “How to Hack a Facebook Account?”, “How to Hack my friend’s Facebook Account in 2 minutes?” and much more. These are the common queries that most of the Internet users search on Google. Recently, a variant of Remtasu malware has been discovered that can hack your Facebook account. A new Facebook hacking tool has been spotted in the dense that actually is capable of hacking Facebook accounts.

But, Be cautious! if you come across any of such Facebook hacking tool that assures you to help you hack your friends Facebook accounts, you might end up becoming the victim of this tool. This is because, whenever you use this tool for hacking, you might end up downloading a hacking tool that could hack you, instead of them. It is you, who ultimately remains as a victim. Astonishingly, this malware often finds a way to long last on the system or computer even after the victim reboots the system or attempts to find the threat in the lineup of active processes.

Remtasu – A New Facebook Hacking Tool

Remtasu is a new tool which is promoting and marketing itself as a Facebook hacking tool that is capable enough to hack your Facebook Account. In fact, Remtasu is a disguised version of a Windows-based Trojan whose reach has evinced an accelerated growth globally over the past year. This tool has now the capability to mask itself as an app for accessing credentials of the Facebook account users.

The tool comprises of a Keylogger that is capable enough to capture all your keystrokes and preserve them in a file that is finally sent to the attacker’s server. The malicious Facebook hacking tool is utilizing “the eternal passion of numerous users to gain control of accounts from this well-known social network. Apparently, the malware is now busy using social engineering strategies to aim at the people who are seeking for ways to hack other’s Facebook accounts. This finding was recently revealed by the security firm ESET in a blog post.

How is Remtasu Facebook hacking tool growing?

It is a malicious hacking tool which is spreading in a rapid way. This Win32/Remtasu.Y malware reaches your machine when you search queries like “how to hack Facebook account?” and likewise. Consequently, you may end up downloading this Facebook hacking tool that can hack your own account.

Hack Facebook Account

Speaking about various means by which this trojan spreads, ESET writes, “we are no longer seeing propagation through e-mail. They are instead coming from direct download sites. Once a user downloads and executes the file, their data is compromised.”

This Facebook hacking variant of Remtasu is very popular in various countries like Latin America, Thailand, Turkey and other countries.

How Remtasu Works in Hacking your Facebook Account?

If a user visits a direct download website, the malicious malware Win32/Remtasu.Y malware automatically enters ad gets downloaded in your device and hides among other files. It was noticed that the malware makes use of UPX compression. Once the file is uncompressed, several functions are executed.

New Facebook Hacking Tool

Remtasu has capability to:

  • Open and capturing information from the clipboard.
  • Capture and Record keystrokes.
  • Store all the data in a file which is finally sent to an FTP server.
  • The malicious tool is delivered via direct download websites.

Facebook Hacking Tool


The worst part is yet to come:

The malware always finds a way to remain on the infected machine even when the victim reboots their system or tries to detect the malware threat in the list of active processes.

“In this case, the malware replicates itself, saving the copy in a folder that it also creates within the system32 folder,” reads the post. “The new InstallDir folder remains hidden inside the system files, making it difficult for users to access.”

Most troubled parts of the world include Colombia, Turkey, Thailand and elsewhere. In past, Remtasu was distributed across malicious files attached to phishing emails implying to be from legitimate government or some other businesses organisations.

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