June 8, 2016

3 Online Promotion Principles Every Entrepreneur Should Know

As we all know, the knowledge of some principles easily compensates the lack of knowledge of some facts – and it is certainly true in the case of business. After you learn certain underlying principles of promoting your company online, you will be able to relatively easily navigate in the sea of incomplete information even without the deep knowledge of techniques and inner workings of what you deal with. Here are some of the basics.

1. Hire Specialists

The Internet revolution happened seemingly in a blink of an eye – the Internet of two decades ago was a relatively narrow field of activity, and even the Internet of a decade ago has very little in common with what it is now. This lack of history creates a certain ambiguity for the position of SEO specialists and web developers – they seem to have sprouted out of nowhere, and they don’t have impressive credentials supported by century-old educational systems. This creates an illusion that it is something anybody can do after half a day of reading on the subject. Nothing can be further from the truth. SEO is a complicated and rapidly evolving area that demands one’s complete attention – and only a professional company working full-time in this sphere can keep up with the times.


2. Engagement With Customers Is Everything

We live in the age when customers are getting more and more used to being reached out to. They no longer perceive companies as places where they go, do their business and leave. They no longer expect interactions with businesses to be limited to the time they spend on the premises. What is called user or customer experience no longer ends at the shop’s threshold – it follows the client back home, rings him up on the phone and keeps him informed of all the latest deals. If a client is dissatisfied with the service, he expects you to set things right – and generally, it is in your best interests to do so. And it pays to go even further and keep track of what your customer says about you and your company in social media and suchlike to make the swift action for solving possible problems – if you are proactive about it, it is going to be noticed.


3. Content Is Above All

You may hear skeptical remarks concerning the precedence of content over everything else, and to a certain degree they are true – you won’t be able to get your company into Google top by content alone. But what is more important is that you are no longer able to do so without content, and it is probably the only element of online promotion you cannot completely do without. Your websites, social media accounts and such like should provide links to useful content and attract visitors due to their own merits and no simply by clickbait that will make 99 percent of visitors leave in disgust in half a second.



Promoting your company or product online is tough; however, if you approach it right, it is more than manageable.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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