November 3, 2017

Over 300 iPhone X devices Stolen from San Francisco Apple Store

More than 300 iPhone X units were stolen on Wednesday from a UPS truck parked outside a San Francisco Apple Store. According to the police, Three “husky” men broke wearing hoodies broke into the UPS truck delivering 313 iPhone X units to the store.

The theft happened between 11:15 a.m and 11:30 a.m. The incident took place just before Friday when the iPhone X fans will be able to purchase the phone from the stores. The net worth of the stolen iPhone X devices is more than $370,000.


According to the police report, the UPS driver had parked the truck outside the Stonestown Galleria mall and locked the cargo area. A janitor clicked a picture of the scene when he spotted the suspects unloading boxes from the UPS truck.

According to Sgt. Paul Weggenmann, this is one of the fattest theft he has ever seen. The Police has the description and the serial number of each iPhone X. Although the suspects haven’t been caught yet, the police can use these clues to catch them. The UPS said it’s working with law enforcement to investigate the theft. Usually, these postal services such as UPS, USPS tracking systems that transport mobile devices have their own tracking systems which should also help the investigations.


Despite the theft, the people will get their iPhone X devices who have scheduled to pick up the device at the Stonestown store. According to a data from Slice Intelligence,  in the first four days of orders, the iPhone X sold 125 percent more units than the previous record holder iPhone 6 i.e twice the iPhone 6 numbers. Despite scarcity in the supply of the iPhone X, it broke the records and the buyers are interested in getting the device despite its exorbitant price.

iPhone X (iPhone 10) is the flagship phone of Apple with all screen bezel-less design, OLED Screen, Facial Mapping technology, Animojis. The pre-orders of iPhone X have started and the users will get their devices from November 3.


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