June 14, 2020

Play With Pro – The Best Teamfinder Service

Finding good quality teammates to play multiplayer games online is a necessity of the gaming world. Gaming industry professionals realize the importance of team building and thus, support the idea of team finders, discord servers, and Looking for Groups (LFG) websites. Play with Pro is one such platform that allows players to find members for their team.

Launched by Legionfarm, Play with Pro offers services that help in bringing together gamers and professional players from all parts of the world. Other Play with Pro services include one-on-one coaching by professional players and playing online games such as Apex Legends, CoD Warzone, PUBG and League of Legends, etc. free of cost.

How To Use The Platform?

The platform offers opportunities for both gamers and professionals to have fun and enhance their gaming skills. The process of using the platform for each of the two stakeholders is described below.

For Professionals

For becoming a pro with the platform and earn a decent amount of money, players need to register with the website. They can apply by entering their name, email address, Discord ID, country of residence, gaming platform, and age. Other requirements include English proficiency levels, links to gaming profiles, and a brief description by the gamer of his abilities and achievements.

Once the gamer gets registered with the platform, he can log on to the platform as a pro, receive training, and then play alongside other players who log on to the platform. Once a game is finished, the players are supposed to mark it as order completed and receive remuneration for it.

For Gamers

For gamers who just wish to benefit from platform’s free services such as playing listed games on the website with experienced players, a simple log in via discord ID does the job.  However, if gamers wish to be coached by professionals or play against senior-level veterans, they need to pay a fee.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Play With Pro Services

Even though the platform is open for gamers from all over the world, there are certain rules which need to be followed. These are listed below:

  1. To be eligible to get registered with the platform, a user must be 13 years of age or majority age in their areas of residence.
  2. Any player found guilty of misconduct and cheating will be banned from the Legionfarm platform.
  3. Any player previously banned from the Legionfarm platform will not be allowed to join Play with Pro platform.
  4. Players who belong to or are associated with competitors of the platform will be denied access to Play with Pro services.
  5. If users want a game to be added to the Play with a Pro platform, they can always drop a message.


With the increase in popularity of team finders and discord servers, a rise in the use of platforms such as Play with Pro can be easily anticipated. Players who are new to the gaming world and want to improve their skills must take advantage of Play with Pro platform’s services, which come at reasonable prices.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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