July 7, 2017

How to Make Your Very Own Home Theatre with a 4K TV

Setting up a home theater is a long-lost dream for many movie buffs. They reverie of watching all-time classics sitting with the people of their clan on a comfy couch in a personal environment. However, what keeps them away from taking a step towards setting it up, is the notion that the process is complicated. Believe me; it’s not. Particularly, if you already own one of those 4K Televisions that are ruling the consumer electronics market. So, if you are still spending some good cash on watching movies in the theater every weekend (suppressing your home theater dream), my friend, it’s time to take that much-awaited step to plan your personal home theater.





Choose the Perfect Room

The first step is finalizing the location of the home theater in the house. Don’t worry, even a 10×10 room will be perfect for this project. You will not require taking help from any professional interior designer on this one because all you need to consider is that the room is spacious enough to house all the necessary components. Another aspect to keep in mind is the number of windows in the room. The more the windows, the higher the chances of reflection of light on the TV screen. Alternatively, if you are planning to turn your basement into a home theater, make sure you get all the water lines and electric wires fixed beforehand to avoid leaks and short circuits.



Carpet the Floor

The planned room has vinyl or wood flooring? Carpet the floor to prevent conflict between the sound that comes out from the TV speaker and the floor. Doing this, the sound produced will be clear and pleasant. Carpeting will prevent sound distortion, allowing you to have a great movie watching experience. Also, choose a dark colored carpet to dim the room well and to have a clearer view of the screen when the lights go off.

Paint the Room

If the chosen room has bright walls, get them repainted with a darker shade to make it even with the carpet floor. However, avoid using too dark shades like black, brown and dark grey. They can make the room appear depressing and the people sitting in may feel sleepy and low even when the lights are turned on. Dark shades of purple, red and maroon are the best wall color options for your home theater.

Install Right Lights

To create a home theater that resembles an actual cinema hall, LED Downlights are the right way to go. You can adjust the brightness according to your need and make the room look appealing enough.

Decide the Position of the 4K TV

Another imperative aspect to consider is the placement of the television. If you own a 65 inch 4k TV from any of the luxury brands such as Vu TV, keep the size in mind and get it installed on a wall that is free from windows and shelves. Any distractions on the wall can ruin the movie watching experience for one and all. Also, if you want, get an electric track of motorized curtains installed to keep the TV hidden when no one is using the room. With a click of a button, the curtains would disperse to reveal the TV. Sounds fascinating, right?

In addition, you and your movie buff friends are in for a treat, if you have a 65 inch 4k Vu Premium Smart LED TV that comes loaded with amazing features such as Games Centre, AccuWeather, Opera Web Browser, YouTube access, picture perfect display quality and Netflix ready features. With so many amazing features, the experience of your home theater will just double in no time. Talking about Netflix, the remote of Vu smart TV comes with a Netflix and a YouTube button that makes turning on the apps quick and easy for you to binge watch without any hassle. In addition, you can even connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV for an unparalleled TV watching experience.



Place the Furniture

All the furniture placed in the home theater should face the TV wall in a way that the view is clear for everyone sitting in the room. When creating rows of seating, the furniture placed behind the first and second row should have a higher height than the ones in the front row (just the way it is in cinema halls).


Time to enjoy your favorite flicks again and again from the comfort of your home!



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