March 20, 2021

R & L Global Tracking – Top Shipping and Freight Carrier to Rely on!

R and L Global Logistics is one of the leading carrier service provides in the supply chain. Their team is comprised of professional logistics staff that is solely dedicated to the most complete shipping, logistics, and supply chain technology solutions. The goal is to strengthen the client’s position in the global marketplace and refine the overall efficiency of your business. The company is known for providing the highest quality of support and service to a wide range of specialized industries. In a nutshell, it is the top shipping and carrier service on which you can rely on!

Which services R and L Global Tracking Provides?

The carrier company offers multiple services and also lets the customers customize their services according to their needs. Listed below are the prime services offered by R and L Global Tracking Company:

  1. Truckload Service
  2. Less than Truckload (LTL) service
  3. Global Logistics services

Full Truckload Service

The Full Truckload service is offered to shipments weighing over 20,000 lbs. This carrier service has been further modified through the Truckload Expedited. Listed below are the prime features of Expedited Truckload:

  • The Refrigerated service for perishables
  • The Dry van
  • Specialized equipment for dealing with delicate shipping items.
  1. The Less than Truckload (LTL) Service

The Less than Truckload Service is a carrier service essential for regular and smaller shipments (Less than 20,000 lbs.) to be delivered within the USA borders. The LTL also deals with Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Canada. The service is customized to cater to the delivery needs of clients by following strategies:

Jet Express (RL Expedited Service)

Jet Express is a transportation service tailored to the clients’ needs that provides quick shipment service. This service is suitable for urgent shipments. It offers lower rates as compared to Air Freight. Listed below are the prime features of the Jet Express Service:

  • Next day delivery feature
  • Weekend delivery feature
  • 24/7 weekly delivery service
  • A panel of expert professionals for the ground expedition

The R & L guaranteed service

This is the top-notch feature of R and L Global Tracking that it provides a guarantee for service by 5:00 pm, hourly and by noon local/ international deliveries.

Global Logistics Services

The Global Logistics Services are provided through the following ways:

The Air Freight

The Air Freight is the international shipping service that is appropriate for clients’ special care and urgent shipment needs. The service is quite reliable, efficient, and convenient for the Air Cargo and facilitate the clients with the following delivery options:

  1. Economy Service
  2. Standard (General) service
  3. Priority Delivery
  4. Same-day processing and delivery pick-up
  5. Guaranteed Next Flight Out service

The Air Charters

This shipping service is provided by way of a collaboration between RL and other prime air carriers. The Air charter service features tailored logistics solutions for your large shipping needs. The significant features of Air Charters are as follow:

  1. Handless super-heavy air cargo
  2. The pickup delivery service
  3. Caters both domestic and international shipping needs
  4. Provides 24 hours tracking and customer support service
  5. Appropriate for special, sensitive, and critical cargo

Tools and Resources of R and L

R and L Global Logistics provide effective Online Shipping and Logistics tools to make their client’s business planning and execution of the supply chain quick and convenient.

Shipping Tools

The digital shipping tools make the entire process of shipping freight convenient.

Customer Tools

The digital portal of R and L provides online registration and enrollment process to the clients alongside facilitating the customers in accessing their account summary.

Global Blog

There is a Global Blog of R and L Global Logistics that keeps its clients updated with the news and resources for the international logistics and domestic industry.

Documents, Forms, and Resources

R and L Global Tracking follows all the paperwork by providing all the forms and documents i.e., waybill, customer agreement, terms and conditions, export packet, and more!

Service Maps

The service maps facilitate the customers to view the service areas by using a map.

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