March 30, 2020

Reselling SEO services – how does it work?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex procedure that adapts your website to different standards. When someone is making a search, the search engine returns some results. Apart from paid results, the hierarchy of the rest of the results depends on relativity and SEO. Website administrators and SEO experts focus on beating the competition and ranking higher when a user makes a search.

Since developing SEO is a process that requires many people to run it, it is common for programmers and website building companies, to outsource it. Web developing companies cooperate with SEO experts and they both make a profit. The work that is done by the SEO experts has many different aspects

SEO Agency in Australia,, is one of the companies that take on the responsibility to boost a website’s results. The work that is done by the SEO experts has many different aspects this is why cooperation with web companies delivers good results. Some of the tasks they take on are the following.

UX adaptation

It is important that a website offers a good user experience. Search engines collect data about the best ways to organize a site. Being one of the websites that do a good job in delivering to the user what they want to see are ranking higher. Navigating a website must be made easy.

Keyword analysis

Strategic analysis of keywords is key when building an SEO strategy. Keywords not only play an important role in organic results but they are crucial in paid ads strategies. When starting a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign AdWords setup, keyword research, and cost relativity, make decisions complex.

Search intent

Keywords might often be misleading, and what is more important is the search intent. Intent shows more clearly in long-phrase searches. Being able to serve results that follow an intent is a plus. The language used in searches also makes a difference. A website often uses language to describe a thing or a situation that might not be common to use for the searcher. Using appropriate language for both the expert and the amateur can help a site rank higher.

Delivering Content

It is important for a business to best inform their leads about what they do. Articles, videos, and photos are the best way to do it. Content also helps search engines to better understand your product and show it in results. Organizing content with effective headings and the correct form for searches can make content more effective.


In current search algorithms, the trustworthiness of a business is key. Client reviews are important to a businesses’ reputation. Besides them, it is crucial that the website is mentioned in other trustworthy sites and vice-versa. SEO companies offer the service of publishing backlinks to relatively trustworthy sites. Backlinks help Google determine that a website is not temporary or spam.

Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags

Adding meta descriptions and meta tags can often save the day. Information in those fields may appear in some searches. Meta tags can also help in image searching. Images offer great potential in driving traffic and naming them or giving them tags is very useful.

Structured Data

Structured data can help users find what they need more easily. Different schemas can define a product or a service and make it stand out. Structured results can, for example, show recipes in a carousel above the rest of the search results. In the carouse, the user can see data like the cost and the time needed to complete the recipe.


With the rise of voice search, a lot of websites with content organized in Questions and answers found their results featured. This means that a user can get the information they need without even clicking on a result. Questions and answers, as well as key phrases, are dominant compared to keywords in mobile device searches.

Featured and Rich results

Zero click results are very important for businesses. The more information the search engine shows, the easier it is for a user to find the address, the phone number or the working hours of a business they are looking without wasting any time. Appearing in Rich and Featured results is advantageous to both the user and the website that appears there. It is a process that requires programming in order to change the way google views data on a website.

Local Business and No-Click searches

When optimizing a local businesses’ website it is crucial to make sure information can be read by the search engine. One can make a reservation or call a restaurant without visiting its website, saving time. Google’s first priority is serving the user best and no-click searches benefit local businesses.


Adding extra layers of security is another aspect of optimization. Google’s intention is to help develop a Brand’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) in order for it to rank higher. Implementing SSL and HTTPS is also going to affect search results. These changes will help Google deliver results from sites that are safe and trustworthy.

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