November 1, 2022

Rise of Gaming in Poland: New Market with New Habits

With a population of almost 38 million, Poland is a lucrative yet unexplored market for many industries. Rising living standards, good universities, and a relatively young population (at least by European standards) are fertile grounds for the gaming business. It seems that everyone and anyone is gaming in one way or another.

According to the online gaming expert Anna Rosak, Poland is a booming hub for all things gaming. From game designers to programmers and gaming studios to end-consumers, it seems they have all found their place in the Republic of Poland.

“We could say it is the right people in the right place. Whether it is grannies playing zdrapki online (or scratch games, if you prefer it in English) or Millennials making their childhood dreams come true by creating video games, something special is happening here and right now”, says the Expert.

What Players Captivate Polish People?

Naturally, we wanted to know what games Polish gamers like the most. Anna warned us two distinctive types of gaming are available in Poland, and both of them have their fans:

“First, there is online casino gaming, also known as iGaming. It features the same games or even more titles than one could find at brick-and-mortar casinos. Think roulette, blackjack, and slot machines of all sorts. The second group is RPG games and large-scale blockbusters such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Although they represent a more conventional type of gaming, one would be surprised with how expensive it can be.”

Rosak explains that video gaming has always been popular in Poland, even in times of communism. From the first Commodore computer that hit the offices in the 1980s to pinball machines – there was always a certain kick in gaming that appealed to customers. Yet, times are constantly changing, and now online casinos are becoming the prevalent way of gaming entertainment.

“The secret of iGaming success is that for a relatively small amount of cash, you can get cheap yet thrilling entertainment that is easy to access and understand. There are no characters to evolve and no effort to be put into strategies, as it all comes down to luck. However, if you get lucky enough, you can reach life-changing winnings”, says Rosak.

Judging by her words, the Earthly pleasures of the 21st century are instant, and just a click away.

Top Casino Games in Poland

The simple pleasures in life are delivered straight to the fingertips of Polish players. Anna Rosak claims slot machines are the most popular genre, but there is also room for poker, roulette, and blackjack, especially in live casino gaming.

“Slot machines are the most similar to traditional forms of video gaming. They are fun, bright, colorful, and similar to arcades”, reveals she and adds, “Still, there are also plenty of people joining poker platforms or playing casino staples such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette at live casinos.”. An additional plus is that slot machines are easy to understand, and one does not have to learn all the strategies to simply have fun and play them.

Are there any games Polish people don’t like? Of course, there are! Rosak says Polish can be best described as conservative players, and by that, Anna means they prefer games coming from European tradition.

“They will play roulette with their last breath, but the average Polish player will never look into sic bo or teen Patti. For them, it is too exotic and strange, and by that – unreliable and potentially dangerous, even if the game is more rewarding than their favorite roulette, ” the expert describes. Roulette is also one of the most popular games in Poland.

How Do Polish Choose Their Games

Besides the origin of their favorite games, the Polish casino audience also takes other factors into consideration, one of them being good value for money.

Anna Rosak says that most players from Poland are looking for good value for money in terms of time spent gaming and total cost. The more they can play with the smallest amount possible, the better, so they tend to choose games on the cheaper and more affordable side of the casino spectrum. When choosing a game, Poles take the price into account – the good old “the cheaper, the better” formula plays a major role among Polish players.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean they are ready to compromise on quality: “My grandma always told me we are not rich enough to buy cheap things. Polish players are willing to spend more, but only if the expense is justified, and even then, they will look for a bargain”, laughs Anna.

Online VIP rooms or so-called Prive games rarely attract Polish audiences. They also avoid high-stakes poker tables and typically play the smallest bet possible, even if they are ready to make a larger initial deposit. On most occasions, though, Polish players prefer to start with a small deposit, see how the game goes, and then invest more money. The approach is very careful and well-thought – first to test things out, then to go for high stakes.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why they manage to keep it all in good fun. As if they instinctively know never to chase high stakes and to give up when things don’t go their way. Just like responsible gamblers do”, said Anna in the end.

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