October 21, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept Images Revealed with Innovative Design, Expected 3D Touch

Samsung, one of the prodigious and popular Electronics Manufacturers is on its way to release a new flagship phone namely Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung often comes out with brand new smartphones with a stunning look and amazing features.

This time, the Korean manufacturing company has revealed some concept images of Galaxy S7 Edge for its enthusiast who are looking forward to the  release of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung has filed design patents of Galaxy S7 Edge and the team at 3DFuture has released the concept models by taking cues from the patent designs.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Korean manufacturer is continuing its innovation strategy by developing the next flagship, the Galaxy S7 Edge, with a futuristic design. It is highly anticipated that the new flagship device with a curved screen design would certainly become a striking one. Here are the concept images of the next flagship phone of Samsung that is expected to have a 3D Touch and a full metal design. Let us take a quick look at the expected specs and innovative design of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 Edge – Wraparound Display

A team at 3D Future ha unveiled the concept images of Galaxy S7 Edge, which is the upcoming flagship device of Samsung. The manufacturers of Samsung has designed the handset with an innovative design and a wraparound display at the top and bottom of the phone. Unlike the predecessors of Samsung, the new upcoming flagship device comes with the volume buttons on the sides of the device that provides much ease to handle and use the phone.

Galaxy S7 Edge Concept images

To have a display feature on the top of the device would definitely make it far easier for the users to interact with the device. Looking at the pictures revealed by the 3D Future, it suggests that the top and bottom of the Galaxy S7 Edge are free without any buttons that seems to start the trend of button-free smartphones.

3D Touch

As we all know, Apple has released 3D Touch for its last generation smartphones iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. And it is heard that Apple is planning to completely eliminate the Home button in the next generation iPhone 7. As the number of buttons externally on Galaxy S7 Edge have been reduced, it is expected that the device seems to have a 3D Touch similar to Apple iPhone.

3D Touch for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung to very popular to produce smartphones with a curved screen and certainly Samsung is regarded as a pioneer in this area. So, the popularity of having curved screen design for its smartphones will hugely influence the smartphone manufacturers. Have you clearly looked at the smartphone? The corners of the smartphone are trapezoidal in shape which are giving an impressive look for the smartphone.

Full Metal Approach

The designers at the 3D Future seems to believe that the new Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a metallic design. The concept images of the Galaxy S7 Edge features full metal unibody structure.

Galaxy S7 Edge Full Metal Body

Also, the handset seems to be a waterproof device, but it has not yet revealed the complete details of the smartphone.

Specifications of Galaxy S7 Edge

A heap of rumors are being circulated across the web soon after the release of Galaxy S7 Concept images by the folks of 3D Future. All these are the specs that are predicted to come for the forthcoming smartphone, Galaxy S7 Edge. Under the hood, the upcoming Galaxy smartphone is expected to have a display of 5.8-inch display with UHD resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge specs

Still, there is a deliberation whether the Galaxy S7 Edge will embrace 4K resolution, or instead stick to Ultra HD. The handset is anticipated to be powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and will continue to utilize its own proprietary upgraded Exynos processor in the East Asian markets. Samsung Galaxy is expected to have a 4GB RAM.

These are the concept images of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that have been released by the folks of 3DFuture. Samsung has not yet revealed the specification of the smartphone. However, if this might be the actual design of Galaxy S7 Edge then all the smartphone adorers would love to buy this smartphone that has a striking look.

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