November 25, 2022

SEO Web Copywriting

Does your online presence lack visibility because your site lacks quality content? Do you want to see your site in the top ranks of Google? SEO web writing is your ally to successfully achieve this goal. Writing for the web is a subtle mix of style, natural referencing techniques, and knowledge in order to show Google, and therefore Internet users, that you exist. The SEO web editor is a multi-faceted profession that helps you propel your site to the top of the bill. Knowing how to please search engines and respond to the intentions of Internet users are, among other things, the essential qualities of an SEO writer/web designer.

Writing for the web, what content is concerned

No matter what form you appear in online, you need written content. Google and others, as powerful and intelligent as they are, are “just” computer programs. And these only recognize written content.  

Videos, podcasts, and voice queries are all transcribed channels, so Google understands what you’re talking about. To put it simply, all of what appears on the web is content that has to be written at some point. If you don’t, Google’s voice recognition takes care of it, and it can give some rather strange results.

This is why your need for web writing may concern:

  • blogs with articles or tutorials;
  • product sheets from e-commerce sites;
  • site pages such as about pages or category pages;
  • the sales pages of your digital and digital products;
  • the subtitles of your YouTube videos or podcasts;
  • free or paid eBooks or white papers to download;
  • sales or information newsletters;
  • reformulations of articles already present on the web;
  • the translation of sites, pages, or articles;
  • publications on your social networks.

Web writing vs. SEO web copywriting, the differences

One of the first differences is the approach to writing. A classic web editor writes as he writes for a paper format, such as a newspaper or magazine. He responds to the subject asked of him in an article with compact and visually heavy paragraphs.

The SEO web editor knows that he only has a few seconds to convince his reader to read his text more in-depth. He writes short sentences and cuts his text into paragraphs with relevant subtitles.

With e book writing service, the primary goal is to respond to requests made by Internet users during their research. This is why SEO copywriting speaks as much to web surfers as it does to search engine robots.

The content strategy must be based on what the search engines know. Hence, the famous keywords that everyone believes are enough to please Google. They are not far from it.

Each published content must meet different criteria that will allow the natural referencing of your pages. Content optimization isn’t just keyword stuffing with your fingers crossed that Google doesn’t see any trickery.

Even though robots are not human, they are very intelligent. They recognize a semantic field linked to a theme to a key query. They appreciate the quality of the information through the time spent on your pages.

With other even more technical criteria, search engines classify your content which allows them to go up in the results. The Internet user will analyze and appreciate your site by spending time there and sharing it.

You will have understood that web writing is no longer enough today to seduce Google and Internet users. Even if the information is of high quality, if your pages are not optimized, Internet users will never see them. This is why SEO in web writing is essential.

User experience comes first

You are entitled to ask yourself if the SEO web editor writes for Google or for Internet users.

Rest assured, it is aimed at readers first, and its main job is to provide quality text. It is his writing techniques that must appeal to Google.

The user experience, also called the UX, is, in any case, the first criterion of Google as well. To make the user experience a successful experience on your site, a single watchword: quality.

Content should attract, educate and inform the reader. They must respond to a search intention. Internet users go fast, very fast. They go from one site to another and read diagonally the pages they consult. If the titles, subtitles, and intro grabs their attention or fulfills the promise of the query, then they will go further and spend time on your content. To encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site, you must strengthen the internal mesh, that is to say, the links to other pages or products on your site.

The inverted pyramid

In web writing, it is common to encounter this technique. It consists of giving the reader, who has no time, the main information from the start. So, the conclusion is the introduction! We begin with the synthesis by answering the main question.

If your reader finds your remarks interesting, he will read the following in which you detail your arguments with precise and sourced information.

Then, you end up with an invitation to open up, debate, share, obtain additional information, or purchase. You are asking your reader to take action.

Les 5 W

It is often associated with the inverted pyramid, this so-called 5 W method: who, what, when, where, why. The how and the how many are also added.

Thus, after your title, your hook, in your chap, or your introduction, you will gradually answer the questions:

  • who does what?
  • why and how?
  • where and when?
  • and finish by how much?

Even if you have to answer these big questions, today, other methods exist to help your visitors read you passionately and buy your products.

The AIDA method

Rather than a marketing technique originally, it adapts perfectly to SEO web writing. There is no doubt that calling on an SEO copywriter is in order to appear in the first results of Google in order to convert your visitors into customers. However, to convert with quality, you must know how to engage it. The AIDA method does just that.

The acronym stands for:

  • Attention: attract the reader’s attention with an enticing title, a promise that solves his problem;
  • Interest: show all the advantages of your solution, that it perfectly meets their needs;
  • Desire: the most difficult stage, arousing the desire for immediate purchase. Show him your expertise so prove to him that you are (your services or products) what he needs;
  • Action: insert a call to action, mainly seen as the act of purchase. It can also simply be an incentive to sign up for a mailing list or a free product that takes him down a sales funnel.

You understand again that to turn the visitor into a customer, you must provide them with quality in order to make them want to buy. The SEO web editor knows how to write according to these techniques to allow your site to perform well.

SEO web editor, a profession, an art

After reading the previous paragraphs, you now understand that writing for the web and ranking in search engines is much more complicated than it seems. Above all, it takes time and skill.

We do not improvise as freelance web editors. Even if you find them everywhere, you can easily see the difference between sites that produce quality content and appear in the first results of Google without advertising and… the others.

It is not enough to be passionate about letters or even enjoy writing fiction to know how to write SEO texts that offer a good ROI (return on investment).

It is, therefore, a profession in its own right, which the editor must train to hope to have customers satisfied with his skills. The editors you will find here are all trained in SEO techniques to optimize your content. In addition to the techniques, the editorial style and the tone are other important components that an editor knows how to modulate to adapt to the universe of the sites for which he writes.

This writing professional also knows how to structure his text, insert HTML tags and work on key queries in order to offer you quality SEO content.

In this, he is also an SEO since he will be able to offer you fresh content, therefore unique and documented texts that will appeal to search engines and your visitors.

Whether your text is written in whole or in part, or you want to reformulate it, the web editor knows how to transform it and optimize it for SEO.

Of course, he is totally at ease with spelling, grammar, and syntax. A text containing many spelling errors considerably harms the quality but, above all, the credibility of the site. This is why to write in French, contact French writers. Platforms that employ slingshot writers whose first language is not French will produce content worth the price you pay. Not to mention that your SEO will remain non-existent.

In writing, as in all fields, skills and quality have a price. Hiring a professional SEO copywriter is the best investment you can make for your business. You will get out of the meanders of Google, and finally, you will attract readers and customers. You invest sustainably with an SEO web editor. SEO is a long-term job for search engines, unlike Google or Facebook ads. So, your optimized content will be at the top of Google’s ranks for a long time.

Freelance web editors Web

Here, at Web, you find all the profiles and experts in different themes or even niches. All are independent.

What is the advantage of the Web?

You can really learn about each other’s styles and skills by reading their blog posts.

This life-size and live portfolio allows you to select them and get in direct contact with them.

Only writers who have followed Lucie Rondelet’s training in SEO web writing from Formation-Redaction-Web are present. A training of several months covering all aspects of the freelance SEO writer in order to offer quality, unique and optimized content.

In addition to all the content they can support, as described in the first paragraph, some are able to offer you additional services such as:

  • SEO editorial audit of your site, some of your articles or pages;
  • optimized translation of foreign articles adapted to your blog;
  • content creation from a key query: you provide the main keyword, and they write an article without a brief from you;
  • the integration into your WordPress CMS of your blog articles;
  • adding royalty-free photos;
  • the management of your social networks with the animation of your private group;
  • etc.

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