March 12, 2019

How to Easily Map Godaddy Domain Name with Blogspot Blogs

After purchasing your favorite domain from Godaddy the next step is setting it up with the Blogspot blog which most people find it as the difficult part at the start. At the end of this post, I guarantee you that you will be capable of mapping any domains with the blogger in future without the help of anyone.

I’ve split up the tutorial into steps and follow them in the given order or else you will have to start it over. I will give the screenshots for the important steps so that you will not go off the track while doing it.

Mapping Godaddy Domain Name with Blogspot Blogs

Things you need before getting into this tutorial:

1. Godaddy domain name
2. A blog in BlogSpot
3. Some of your time

Steps to Map Godaddy Domain Name with Blogger

1. First of all, log into your BlogSpot blog and navigate to the settings menu. Make sure you are in the basics tab under the settings menu and search for the “Add a custom domain” options on the right side.

2. Click on it and enter your domain name with www. For example, if your domain name is then you must enter it as and hit on save. You will get an error from blogger saying that they are not able to verify your domain.

3. Note down the CName values that you find on the error screen and click on the “Settings Instructions” from the error message.

mapping godaddy with blogger

4. When you click on the settings instruction you will be taken to a new page where you will find 4 IP addresses like,,, Note it down somewhere because we will be using it in the following steps.

5. Go to your Godaddy login panel and log into your account. You will find menu’s like Domain, Email, Website Builder etc. Expand the domain menu and click on the Launch button next to the domain name for which you need to map the blogger.

godaddy domain name setup blogger

6. You will be taken to the Domain Details Page now. Click on the “DNS Zone File” tab and hit the “Edit” button which you find at the top.

7. Under the “A(Host)” settings click on the “Quick Add” button and enter “@” under the field HOST and paste the first IP address which you had copied earlier under the POINTS TO field. Repeat the same for the other three IP addresses also and if there are any IP addresses existing already then remove them.

IP address for mapping blogger and godaddy

8. Under the “CName(Alias)” settings click on the “Quick Add” button and enter the values you copied earlier from the blogger. For example, www will come under the host field and will come under the POINTS TO field. Repeat it for the next value also and finally hit the “Save Zone File” button.

cname values godaddy and blogger

9. We have completed the part in Godaddy and now you go shift to the blogger dashboard where we have left earlier and click on the save button.We have successfully redirected the domain name here but wait still there is one more step.

10. Click on the edit button next to your domain name and tick the checkbox which you find under it. This is to redirect the naked domain to your main domain name. That is for example if someone is searching for then automatically it will get redirected to

map blogger with godaddy domain name

Now the process of setting up Godaddy with Blogspot blog has been completed.

FAQ’s About Godday Errors and Issues with Blogspot Blogs

Q1. I setup the IP address on the Godaddy first and then saved the web address on my Blogspot, Now I’m not getting the error message with the Cname details. How to get it?

Ans. In that case, you need to reset all the domain details to default in Godaddy, unlink the domain name from Blogspot and then wait for 24hrs so that everything will get reset and you can start the procedure from the first step.

Q2. I have done everything properly but still, my blog is not getting redirected?

Ans. In some cases, it might take few hours for the redirection and you have to wait until the domain redirection is completely done.

Q3. Are the 4 IP addresses which I found under the settings instructions same for all the Blogspot blogs?

Ans. Yes, they are same for all the blogs hosted under Blogspot.

Q4. My domain name is not redirecting to the website if it is typed without www in the front.

Ans.Read the step ten and follow according to it, this should fix the issue.


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