August 29, 2015

How to Set Custom Notifications for your Favorite Contacts in WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant Messaging app by millions of people across the world. The main reason for this instant messaging app to become so popular is that it frequently updates its application with new innovative features. Recently, it has launched WhatsApp web version for the iPhone users. People have much craze for WhatsApp as it has become the major communication tool throughout the world with much easy user interface. WhatsApp always rolls out with new features and updated versions for Android and many other platforms. WhatsApp has now rolled out a major update for the Android users with a bunch of new features to get good control over custom notifications for your individual contacts. Now, we are here to guide you how to set custom notifications for your favorite contacts in WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp Update with New Quirky Features

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update with most useful features for the Android users. The latest version brings few updates that allows you to set custom notifications for your favorite contacts in WhatsApp. This new update brings custom  notifications for favorite contacts and many other new features in WhatsApp for Android users The cross-platform mobile messaging app has released quirky new features for Android users such as:

1. Set Custom Notifications for your Favorite Contacts

WhatsApp has released a new update for the Android users in order to provide better control over your notifications from your favorite individual contacts. This new version lets you set custom notifications for your favorite contacts in WhatsApp. Follow the simple steps given below so as to set custom notifications for your favorite contacts:

  • Initially, Open up a conversation and just tap on View Contact.
  • You’ll now spot new options for custom notifications.

WhatsApp - View Contact

  • You can view list of settings wherein you can change vibration alerts, lights, pop-ups and audio tones.
  • You can see a pop-up notification that shows four options as:
    • No Popup
    • Only When Screen “On”
    • Only When Screen “Off”
    • Always Show Popup

Set Custom Notifications for contacts in WhatsApp Android

  • You can select any of the option depending on contact.
  • Through this custom notification settings, you’ll be able to configure specific tones for calls and messages and configure popup notification behavior.
  • By setting this way, it makes easier to spot messages from people you much care about, without having to unlock your device.

2. Mute Conversations

You can also mute your conversations while chatting by setting custom notifications in WhatsApp. You can mute the converations for a preset period of time similar to group chats. If you don’t wish to chat with any of your friend for some specific period of time then, you can use this option.

  • Go to Notifications in WhatsApp.
  • Here you can find two options as Custom Notifications and Mute.

Mute Conversations- WhatsApp

  • Just toggle the Mute option that displays another screen to set the time period of Mute conversation.

WhatsApp-Mute Chat for Preset Period

  • You can select specific period say few hours or days or months and just tap OK.
  • Now, you will not get any kind of text from the contact for whom you have set Mute chat.

3. Ability to toggle the read status of chats

The ability to toggle the read status of chats was already made available in the last month update of WhatsApp, but it was limited for only few users. Now, it has made available for all the users so that you can mark your individual chat conversations as unread. You can do so by just following the given steps:

  • Tap and hold (Long Press) on any conversation pane  in the chats list.
  • You’ll then get a menu that displays list of options.

WhatsApp - Toggle Chat Mark as Unread

  • You can spot the new feature ‘Mark as unread’ at the bottom of the menu.
  • Just tap on that option which then adds a green circle to your selected chat.
  • It is very easy to spot and it doesn’t the read status on messages within each conversation.

4. Low Data Usage while making calls

WhatsApp has also added a new feature that enables low data usage while making WhatsApp voice calls. This is a newly added feature that can apparently save you large amounts of data that you use every day in phone calls you make through the app. This newfeature from the app will be very much beneficial for the users who aren’t able to depend on Wi-Fi.

  • Initially, Go to Settings on your WhatsApp.
  • Click on Chats and Calls that displays list of options.

WhatsApp - Low Data Usage


  • At the bottom, you will be able to see Low data usage option.
  • Just tap on it to enable less data usage while making WhatsApp voice calls.

These are the various helpful features that are made available with the new major WhatsApp update for Android users. You can now easily set custom notifications for your favorite contacts in WhatsApp for your Android device. Just follow the above mentioned steps to set your custom notifications and make use of your WhatsApp in the best way. Hope this guide helps you to set custom notifications for your favorite contacts in WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

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