June 7, 2017

New iOS 11 ‘Share Your WiFi’ Feature: Connect Your Friends And Guests Without Sharing A Password

On Monday, at WWDC 2017, Apple introduced iOS 11 to the world and gave a preview of several big features coming to iOS 11 – like augmented reality, smart invert feature, productivity features for the iPad, etc. But there are also some other cool features which Apple did not mention on stage and have since been uncovered by the developers who have got their hands on the preview already.


Among them is a new feature that allows users to share their Wi-Fi with friends or guests without having to physically give their password away. Called “Wi-Fi password sharing,” the feature, whose interface looks similar to the AirPods pairing process, makes it really simple for a network owner to invite another device to use that network without actually having to type in the password. The only requirement is that the iOS devices involved in Wi-Fi password sharing run iOS 11.


When the Wi-Fi password screen of another iOS 11 device is brought nearby to an iOS 11 device which is already connected to that Wi-Fi network, a new pop-up message is displayed saying that another iOS 11 device is attempting to join the network.

‘Share Your WiFi’ Feature Connects Your Friends And Guests Without Sharing A Password (3)

A single tap on the already connected device will instantly send the necessary password over-the-air to the second device and fill in the necessary password fields.

‘Share Your WiFi’ Feature Connects Your Friends And Guests Without Sharing A Password (6)

Once the password is saved on a new device, it’ll remember it. However, given that the credentials are actually being sent over-the-air to the other device, it’s likely that they are still stored in the iCloud Keychain, and the password will still be accessible if that person knows where to look.


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