July 12, 2014

Show up a Video Thumbnail in Google Search Results using a Simple Tweak

Google, in the last few months, has come up with many different kinds of updates and changes in its algorithms. One such update is the removal of Google Authorship, which has already affected the demographics of the search engine. In the previous updates Google has already stopped over usage of rich snippets which attracts the majority of users like H Review Markup, Google Authorship, etc. So, since Google was no longer encouraging or showing any authorship in search engines, it was time for us to look for an alternative.

Outrank your competition by attracting visitors!

After some research, the best alternative which we found to standout of all other websites in search engines was the usage of video preview thumbnails. This is a small trick by using which you can display a video thumbnail in search engines even if you don’t have any video in it. This in turn will definitely drag in a lot of viewers to your site.


Enable Video Thumbnail in Search Without Video in Article

You can enable the video thumbnail by this simple tweak.  All you need to do is simply copy the below code on your website or blog. The below code is basically a video schema using which shows up video image preview in google search results.

<link href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YQ_JLluW71I/U1C3QPO8z-I/AAAAAAAAI04/RK6D3Zo2BYw/s1600/poster6.png " rel="img_src" type="img/jpeg"/>
<link href="http://eplayer.perfomfeeds.com "rel="video_src"/>
<link href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YQ_JLluW71I/U1C3QPO8z-I/AAAAAAAAI04/RK6D3Zo2BYw/s1600/poster6.png " rel="thumnail" type="img/jpeg"/>
</link href="http:>


 Understanding and Working of the Code

  1.  The code is pretty easy once you are able to understand it. You need to replace the above Image URL with the URL you want to display.
  2. To understand the code completely you need to know about schema and Google micro data. After looking at the micro data we came to a conclusion on how it actually works.
  3. As you can see, the code has rel=”img_src” and rel=”thumnail”. This is the most important part, wherein the image URL given is taken as the source image which is displayed as the thumbnail in search.
  4. The rel=”video_src” acts as the video source from the given URL, which acts as a dumb URL with empty video in it.video-src
  5. You can place the code in the article or in the side bar. If you place in the side bar it will work for all the articles and pages. Note that it won’t work for categories. If it is placed in the article, thumbnail will be shown only for that article.

Note: We have also noticed that sometimes the code takes any image from the article as its source even when we place the URL of specific image source.

That’s it guys! I have revealed everything here. Try this simple tweak and improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) of your links in Google search. This trick works completely fine and has already shown good results for us. If you have any doubts regarding this, you can leave a comment and I’ll clear all your doubts. Enjoy!

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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