November 21, 2017

Uber Adds “Live Location Sharing & Beacon Expansion” Features for Stress Free Riding

This holiday season Uber is bringing some new features to the rider app for booking a cab stress-free including an in-app gifting feature. The company adds a bunch of features such as Live Location Sharing, Windshield Glowing, booking an uber for guests and in-app gifting to provide for a stress-free booking and riding a cab for all the riders.

Live Location Sharing:

It can be hard to find your uber or for the driver to find you when you are in a crowded place like a shopping mall or airport. Uber is launching the Live Location Sharing feature so that your driver can spot your exact location. For example, the driver can see that you are walking around the place to find them.


Live Location can be turned on by tapping the grey icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. It then immediately turns blue indicating that you are sharing your location with the driver. It can be changed by tapping the icon on the map or in the privacy settings.

Beacon Expansion:

Live Location Sharing helps the driver to easily find you but there should be a feature for you to find the driver easily. Uber presents a Beacon feature to spot your car easily and it more easy at night times.


Beacon is a device that will be attached to the cab’s windshield that glows in a particular color chosen by the rider. However, this feature is being expanded only in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Stress-Free Hosting:

Sometimes you need to book an Uber for your loved ones such as family or friends because they might not have the Uber app. Even if you book a cab for them they do not get the details of the trip and the driver and also guiding the exact location of your family/ friends to the driver becomes difficult. In order to avoid all the hassle and provide a stress-free hosting Uber allows you choose the person you are booking a ride to and sends them an SMS with trip details including ETA, car type and drivers contact info enabling them to coordinate with the driver.


In-App Gifting:

You can even send gifts like Uber Credits to your loved ones from the app to their Uber app. In the menu, section tap the Send a gift option and select the amount, recipient name and a personalized message to send gifts instantly. Of course, your card on file with the uber account will be charged later.



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